Xtreme Training Cubs - recruiting or looking to take in smaller group for merger

Come check out our training alliance. Part of the bigger Xtreme Alliance. Come grow with us and as your roster grows, we can provide a new challenge in our sister alliances. Come check us out. Fighting 8/9* Titans

We are a new alliance called ShadowWolfGang. We are looking for members in hopes to strive for a family to grow together, for I have newcomers I gladly help and welcome any others.

Hey there,

I’ve been a member of Xtreme Cubs for a while it’s a great place to improve your roster and learn about the game.

All the best,

Hey Salixx,

Hope you’re well. Are you interested in joining Xtreme Cubs or were you advertising your new alliance ShadowWolfGang?


Just needing to bump this up

Come take a look if you are looking for a very laid back alliance or are just getting started. We will help you along the way!

Come check us out. Come before the next War.

Come check us out before the new Mythic Titan hits.

Come check us out before the next War. All are welcome.

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