Xtreme Panda VS Seven Days Hunting

Hey everyone! We’re taking on Seven Days Hunting this weekend, so here are all six of my hits:


How did y’all do? I remember going up against those seven days teams with y’all and pulling my hair out with those boards. Lol

I enjoy your commentary as well. Thanks as always for sharing :smile:.


They whooped us. Not one of our best wars…

Magnificent :clap: :clap:, especially 3/4 flag that you pull it off with such underwhelm board.

If anything I can comment, maybe you should open a thread 2020 Warzone Xtreme Panda and keep post update new video on one thread instead of create new each one.

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This was one of our better wars against a 7D alliance. We won 6451 to 5672.

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