XTREME PANDA - 14-Star Titans, 104-43 AW Record

Hey everyone! Now that war is over, come join us at xtreme panda!

One spot open for someone who’s ready to be elite!

Hey everyone! We’re expecting a couple of openings in the next few weeks. Reach out to me if you’re ready to be in a top 10 alliance. If you join our waitlist now, it won’t be long before you’re XTREME!

If you’re ready to come to an alliance that competes at the very top, reach out to me! I anticipate a need for top level players to join us in the next couple of weeks.

Elite players…we have a temporary player visiting us and will have a spot for a top player as soon as you can come. Reach out to me with the contact info in the OP. See you soon!

Brand new video up! We need to fill a spot soon, so please reach out if interested:

Spot is up for a great player looking for fun and competitive top level team. We may be full in game, but spot is available, please contact us by joining our discord server or via line! (Contact details one post above)

If you have a friend we may discuss an option for a dual application! Summer vacations may be a good chance to move together.

We slso have a few family alliances ranging from advanced to expert level, you find more details on our discord.


Reach out to me if interested!

Spot is up for good player! Do not hesitate, apply today :slight_smile:

Xtreme panda’s are looking for new players if you think you have what it takes to be xtreme come join the pandas and the rest of the xtreme family

Hey guys, great group you’ve got there! I am working on teams and troops, talked to Neo in AR, maybe someday I’ll be strong enough for you…….good luck!


We appear full right now but we’ll need one strong player after the war. Reach out to me if you’d like to join a top alliance! Requirements in the OP.

A spot is available. Use your chance! We are likely starting a fresh war chest after weekend too.

Can consider joint app of 2 people too (contact us via discord or line if interested).

We are preparing for powerful push into top 5 best teams in Autumn, join us in the effort and have fun with us!

We will need one player after the war. If you’re ready to be elite, reach out to me!

Hey everyone! We will need one or two high level players who are ready to be in an elite alliance after war. Contact me on Discord or through the Line app if interested.

We have a very short waitlist right now…looking for top players who want to specialize in war! Contact me :slightly_smiling_face:

Updated war requirements! Join if you want to WIN wars!

Join us, for wonderful experience of high quality but friendly team fighting exciting wars against e&p top teams!
Titans too but these things get smoked so fast you barely see them :slight_smile:

Come join Xtreme Panda…we’re knocking on the door of the best alliances in the game. Come be the one that pushes us over the top.

We have a spot for well geared warrior who is burning with desire to fight glorious wars against best teams and defeat daily 14* titans.
We are friendly and we are competitive. Come join us!

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