XTREME PANDA - 14-Star Titans, 104-43 AW Record

Hey all come join the family just let us know witch alliance fits you if you would like join the waiting list to get into pandas just let lion know on discord

Come join the family check us out on discord

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Hey everyone! We are firmly a top alliance now and have room on our waitlist. Reach out to me if interested!

Hey everyone! You have a rare opportunity to be Xtreme without having to be on a waitlist. If you would like to join Xtreme Panda, probably after the next war, reach out to me.

Here’s our updated ad. Reach out to me if interested!

We’re a legit top 10 alliance when full and looking for XTREMELY competitive players to join the fun. We’re here to be the BEST.

It’s fun sitting atop the leaderboard occasionally as the #1 alliance in the game. Come join Pandas and get a feel for it yourself! We’ve been #1 multiple times in the past several weeks. Can you help us remain there?

We anticipate having an opening or two in the next week. If you would like to be in an elite alliance, reach out to me!

We’re looking for a new member before our next war!

Join the best team!
Hurry up before war matchmaking starts :slight_smile:

We’ll have an opening after this war, reach out if you would like it. We currently have someone filling in who will be leaving.

A temporary guest just left so we now have a spot open that we’d like to fill before war. Join today!

We are full at the moment but will have two more spaces after war. Please reach out to me if you’re ready to be in a top 10 alliance. Thanks!

Frustrated with how your team’s wars are going? We’ll have two spots after this war for elite players looking to play at the highest level.

Sick of losing wars? We’ll have two openings after this war, join today if you want to be ELITE!

A spot is open! Do not miss the opportunity :slight_smile:

Two spots open, get into a top 10 alliance today!

Bumping the message - come join a top 10 alliance… we have 1 spot open!

1 spot is still available. Hurry before it is taken!
Looking for ambitious player who want to play in highly competitive and competent team!

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