Xtreme Ninja Cub recruiting. Looking for a new alliance?

Are you looking to be a part of a close knit, friendly and chatty group who are looking to improve every day? Look no further. Xtreme Ninja Cub is the home for you.

We have a very active discord community that includes our sister alliance Xtreme Panda (a top 100 alliance). You can go there to get advice, see upcoming content, learn new strategies, and just chat about your day.

We are currently taking on 8 star titans but are on the verge of 9 star. Our war win percentage is about 75% but we are seeing consistent improvement every war as we hone our strategies.

Our two main rules are that you use at least 5 flags on the titan and all 6 flags in the war.

We regularly have people swap back and forth between our sister alliance as we like to say hi and give people some experience with the stronger titans. If you get a strong enough team and a permanent spot opens up in Xtreme Panda you can even make a case to switch over permanently/semi-permanently.

If this sounds like the right thing for you send an in game request today! :smile:

Come join the Xtreme Ninja Cub !!

Since being in Xtreme Panda, I have seen the Xtreme Ninja Cubs grow exponentially in such a short amount of time!

The Xtreme discord channel has lots of experienced and advanced players eager to help out whenever needed.

Casual for now, but when the time is right, you’ll see them in the Top 100. Guaranteed… :smiley:

2 spots open after a couple of members went to our sister alliance! Come join up before AWs…get that chest filled quickly!

XTREME recruiting video! https://youtu.be/A4YoewsnxnI

Hey everyone, couple of spot opened up in XNC this morning after a few members went to Xtreme Panda to help out! Search Xtreme Ninja Cub today and ask to join! We’ve got members of all shapes and sizes, and our only rules are participate and be friendly! Just took down our first 10* titan yesterday! We have a great time, so join up today!


Still got some room open, tackling a 9* blue today.

If you’re looking to put the fun back into your game, check us out. We look forward to meeting you :blush:

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