Xtreme Knights is Recruiting!

Want to be a bit more competitive? Need help stepping up your game?

Xtreme Knights might be the place for you. Part of the Xtreme family, we’re here to compete at the highest levels we can, help members improve their game and most of all, have fun doing so.


  • Trophies: 2400+
  • Team Power: 4000+
  • Titans: 12 star* - B level or higher averrage required
  • War: All Six Flags Used
  • Heroes: Combination of 20+ maxed 4/5 star heroes


  • Discord: Triqster#4960
  • Line App: triqsterza

Edit: Updated current titan level. Removed member count. Please check bottom of thread to see recruit status.

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Are these requirements too high or even too low for you? Ask us about the Xtreme Family. There may be a fit for you!

Please don’t try to recruit on other people’s threads :slightly_smiling_face:


Our alliance is full for now. Please feel free to apply to our waiting list or consider the other Xtreme alliances.

We have 2 spots everyone!

Any spots left I might be interested

We have a spot in our alliance. Let me know if you’re interested via line/discord. We use discord predominantly.

We have 2 spots available

We have 4 spots available at Knights. Come have fun and kick some *** with us!