XP per player level requirements & rewards

Awesome great leveling. I am at 61% to 127 …so probably Tuesday.


You’re doing a great job !
How do you keep up the world energy ? Exp per time is efficient but where do the we come from ? You can only buy so much we flasks in the game. So you have to use gems to fill the we as well ?

@JekylandHyde hello, I’m a French level 80 player, I want to congratulate you for your performance. I’m very interested in the xp. Out of curiosity how much energy do you use per day to make the most of your experience per minute?


If Jeff does a new level in 7 days then he probably needs to consume like 2000 WE at least every day.

1-17-1 is 1830XP.
Jeff now needs over 5 million XP per level so 2734x that stage, which is 13670 WE.
In seven days that is 1952 WE per day.

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Yes, I get more WE Flasks from gems.

Thank you. I am not sure how many I use per day. I get 81 WE flags now so they last quite a bit.

I usually run 3/1/3Hard, but I am using the harvesters from this POV yesterday and today so I hae been running 1/17/1 again.

I still don’t know where exactly I can get the most XP level points. can someone please show me the best with a screenshot. I would then like to test that and share the result here.

Nobody can tell you what level will be best for your team. Go look at Barry’s guide and figure out the best XP level your team can reliably beat on auto play.

The twist is you’re looking for xp/time, not /flag or /ticket, which is going to depend heavily on your team.

@Pois1 The Korean is still at 125 so the lead has grown substantially.


congratulations nice level !!
thank you for the answer

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