XP per player level requirements & rewards


Wow, 125 already, grats Jeff!!!

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Someone had posted in one of the FB groups that it would be great if SG filled up our food/iron when we leveled up :slight_smile: I think that is a fantastic idea.


Level 125? WOWZERS!
125 characters :grinning:

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XP per minute?

How do I know how much XP is in each stage that’s what I’m looking for

with and R**2 you have found their equation. Give how the hero’s need increasing XP to level, It appears to follow a step log curve

Besides more space on roster and more flags with increasing player level, is it my imagination that the great the difference in my player level the more or less the board is to my advantage/disadvantage depending on if I’m the larger/smaller than the app.?

For those of us who are more concerned about getting the most of each flag and are not willing to break the bank for red flask, what about an analysis of XP max per flag? With that nice table J&H are you you still using S2 27-9H with AR for the lotto tickets? I not how have you change you attack?

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J&H please see the post below about S27-9H aww AR

I record my own XP on each level so that I know it is accurate, but this is another place you can find the XP on each level here:

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Player level has nothing to do with the quality of the boards.

Thank you!

I just played 27-9 according to one of the post here, man I forgot how difficult Atomos was! Why isn’t he the hero we all have that difficult? And he’s still one of the hardest bosses in this game :rofl:

There are 3 ways to look at farming for XP:

My focus has changed to XP per TIME not so much because I need any more leveling or flags, but namely because it has been productive for my massive consumption of food/iron.

XP per TIME will be dependent on heroes/troops. I am bouncing between 1/17/1 and 3/1/3 HARD.

XP per FLAG and per TICKET, I evaluate in great detail here:


I only play 2/27/9 Hard with loot tickets. I would not burn flags there.

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I agree Atomos and Proteus as the 2 bosses was super hard!

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You can look here:

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Congratulation Jeff, you still manage to keep the tempo, that is amazing.
130 by the end of the year seems to be no problem.

Can you say how many XP is required for level 127, just roughly?

Sorry, I try not to look at how much is required on a new level at the numbers are truly awful.

I am 7% to 127 and still need 4,964,756. Should be another 6-7 days :smiley:

Congrats on level 126! I just leveled up to 113 today and XP to 114 is 4,694,545.

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