XP per player level requirements & rewards

116 to 117 is 4.7 Million.




It seems there is a point after level 96 where the XP calculation is changed, like what happened on level 25. Between levels 25 and 96, XP requirement increases by 3.5% / level. If that increase is changed to about 1% / level at level 100, it would be roughly in line with needing 4.7M for level 117.

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@JekylandHyde WOW your player level is insane lol! Can i ask why you’re interested in XP per time rather than XP per flag? You’re still limited to however many world flags you have (I’m assuming like 75?). But once you run out, you have to wait for those flags to replenish and that’s a set rate of 10 mins a flag.

So unless you have a very high cache of world flasks, it seems like XP per time seems only useful to see how fast you can burn through your world flags.

I want to start XP farming myself and would like to know which path is the best for me (currently at a lowly 61 lol)

Look at this number, awesome…



I buy flasks in the shop so I keep autofarming all day while I do other stuff. That is why XP/time is important. I just got to 76 flags per WE flask. The high flag count is valuable for weekends like this where I am going for scores in the challenge event.

@Pois1 that is a sick number.

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@Pois1 4.8 million till 118


Carefull, you are three to four days behind the Korean player!

Thank you very much for the screen!

lol, the screen shot was from yesterday so I have stayed exactly 3 days behind for the last 2. I suspect their level 30 troops are allowing faster XP farming than my level 23s. I will keep doing my thing, but I concede that it looks like they are moving quicker than I am able to increase levels.


It is great to watch you two compete for the top level in the game.
It is a shame we can’t communicate with the Korean player, I am sure you two would have a lot to talk about!


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