XP per player level requirements & rewards

Woops. I forgot to DL that one!


Cannot seem to find it.

Have a look here: XP per player level requirements & rewards - #85 by JekylandHyde


That one you linked to is wrong for my level, at 79 I have 56 WE, not 57.

Does it cost less WE energy after a certain level? I’m wondering how the last stage costs 5 compared to 9. Even 9 seems off. For me it’s always around 20 or so.

Now that we have Underwild events, curios to see if you’ve considered farming S4. I’m doing 2-8 (least mob waves, increased backpacks) for farming XP+backpacks.

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New XP Farming location!!! Tons of Food and Iron!!! — Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube

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How am I only finding this now? :exploding_head:
Thank you muchly as always @JekylandHyde :trophy:.


Not sure, I just noticed the change in WE cost for Stage 20 (9 flags in Oct 2019 compared to 5 flags in Oct 2020) after your post here. Maybe SG reduced the cost of Morlovia in 2020?

Not sure if I was playing in 2020 but 2021/2022 I don’t see such low energy levels. When you get a chance, can you capture what you see now-a-days?

@DrB figured it out. Your screenshot is from Return to Morlovia - the halloween event and not the rare quest. :person_facepalming:


@JekylandHyde your sheet has been very valuable to me and I’m sure others. I’ve been completing S5 missions and was wondering if I can send you the stats to fill in this sheet?

I appreciate the offer, but that is not my stat sheet. I was just sharing the link :slight_smile:

Who are you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehehehehe

Oh I see. It’s @mai’s sheet. I’ll post in that thread.

Well, Colonel Indiana Longnuts is my grandfather :stuck_out_tongue:

Mai’s thread goes back to the beginning. When she left, others stepped up and carried on.

It seems to have fallen by the way now as the crowd wants graphics and specifics.


It seems that sheet is still being updated. I’ve started my own copy to add S5 missions but I’d rather merge it into the master. Do you know who’s maintaining it now?

No. I know @rook had knowledge of this couple years back