XP per player level requirements & rewards

Would anyone have any tracking on the player’s level ?. Every level increase we gain lives, sometimes not. Is there a graph to know the next levels?

@markpessan I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

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Below is the one I refer which I downloaded it from this forum not sure who created it.

It’s from the top post of this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oops my bad didn’t check it .

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Hello everyone,

This is JekylandHyde (level 113) also known as “Empires and Puzzles Books”

This is my data 99.5% verified on player levels with “level up screen shots.” My wife is about to get to level #20 on her alt account so I will have confirmation on that once she gets there. I do not bother documenting XP required.


Hi @JekylandHyde, I appreciate you got in touch after we connected on youtube. I am following you and I will follow you as well as your competition. Thank you for this sheet, hopefully you can update it or just briefly comment each time after you level up so I can update my sheet at the top.
Beware of the Korean guy! He is leveling even faster than you! At the moment you are the two fastest leveling players in the game.


It would not kill SG if they add at least 5 new roster slots every level up from level 100 as well.
I mean, you get 5 times more diamonds, better token, so the slots shall be increased in a similar way. What do you think @Petri ?


Thanks. I level up once every 6-8 days … sometimes 5 with AR.

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The tie is broken :wink:


Hi @JekylandHyde, actually the Korean guy was a bit faster. You have to work hard now!


I should be leveling up to 95 tomorrow, so I’ll be able to confirm shortly… But, the projection of 3.55M experience to go from level 95 to 96 should be very, very close to the actual (I can tell you it was ~3.48 million XP for the jump to level 95 when I initially hit level 94).

Here are the values I logged in my spreadsheet upon immediately leveling-up (rounded):

level 91 to 92 is roughly 3,099,000 XP
level 92 to 93 is roughly 3,199,000 XP
level 93 to 94 is roughly 3,310,000 XP
level 94 to 95 is roughly 3,480,000 XP

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XP requirement for jump from level 95 to 96 is roughly 3,557,133.

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@JekylandHyde, how about a screenshot of level 115?
Did it give +1 slot, no we?


Nice! I am essentially following your XP farming Youtube video, farming about 650K XP per day; takes more than 12 hours of farming per day for me to gain this XP. I am at level 96 now, and at 650K XP/day, it will take me about 5 days to reach level 97…

Given you are now at level 115, how are you leveling up so fast (once per week or so)? You must be farming close to 1 million XP per day – are you running the game 24 hours per day?

I guess loot tickets are the main thing that speed the process up. Jekyl has to be buying every loot ticket there is. But I am also interested…

@Pois1 I do take advantage of any loot ticket offerings. I hold most of those until AR.

As I mentioned in the last video on XP, I am more interested now in XP per TIME than I was in XP/Flag and XP/Ticket. I still use the Xp/Ticket in AR as S3 hasn’t surpassed that cost/benefit.

My daily grind is 3/1/3/Hard as per the video. I am getting roughly 900-1200 XP per minute on that level. I’m hunting for a level that I can consistently get +1,200 XP per minute.


Thanks, yep, I too am able to run [auto] S3:1-3 hard in between 3 and 4 minutes. So, makes sense that this level would give considerable XP/min.

I too save loot tickets for AR (had ~430 tickets for this past AR), and was able to gain about 2 million XP from S2:27-10 hard from the tickets. Made the level-up from 95 to 96 very quick – about 3 days.

Thanks for the info, and good luck continuing with the XP farming!

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