XP per level requirements



My hero capacity did not increase on level 37.



34 we. Sorry my app cuts off the headline


A teammate is lvl 37 also. He has 97 max capacity.


Another teammate is lvl 37 also. He has 102 max capacity.

So they added +2 when lvling up to 37. No doubt about it.


Changed level 39 to 72 max capacity. Maybe I made a mistake. I dont have a screenshot of the level up.


Actually should be changed starting with 37.
I’ll feedback here starting now next lvlups.


@Pois1 @Boolz maybe these will help with the questions around level 39


I calculated the exact xp required to get from 52 to 53, from 53 to 54, and from 54 to 55. When I was about to level, I checked how much xp I needed, completed a map level that got me over that, checked how much I needed for the next level and added the surplus I got from the map level.
52 to 53: 810772
53 to 54: 839149
54 to 55: 868519

The xp required to level increases by 3.5% each level. This seems to be valid from level 24 (309K) to level 77 (reported 1902K, based on my calculation it should be 1916K).

Highest level player?

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Thanks a lot!


36 to 37 I guess, I just noticed it when leveling


level 63, 1184k xp, 94 hero slots, 48 world flags
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I think the cause of the different numbers maybe this old release

In particular “The hero roster cap increase from player level ups are now distributed more evenly”
I think that in the beginning you got 5 slots once in a while, then they made it more frequent adding 1 or 2 at a time


@Pois1 In case it’s helpful for confirming current data:


level 64, 1225k xp, 95 hero slots, 48 world flags


New here , not sure where to ask my question. When I leveled up awhile back I only got 2 Hero cap spaces. Don’t you get 5 each time?

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@Wondergamma I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

Up at the top of this thread, @Pois1 has created a nice guide that shows the upgrades received with each player level up.

As you’ll see from the chart — no. As you level up more, the spaces increase by only 2 much of the time.

This is actually a change from long ago. When the game was first released, it used to be that it was always 5, but the frequency of the upgrade was very spread out. That was changed to be more often, but in smaller steps.

@Pois1 has been continuing to refine the guide on this, so if you ever notice a discrepancy between your upgrade and the chart, take a screenshot of it and post it here so it can be updated. :slight_smile:



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level 65, 1268k xp, 95 hero slots, 49 world flags