XP levels for all heroes - What do you need to level up and ascend?!

Thank you so much. That’s excatly what I was looking for. Great job.

@Gimli_Eisenbart You’re very welcome… Share this with other players:-)

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here is an additional resource


Troop Feeding Cost Empires and Puzzles

Sheet1 Start Level, 1, Feed Power End Level, 30, 1 Star, 40 Star, 4, 2 Star, 90 Calc EXP to go from Start to End Level, 63800, Num heros, Total Food, 3 Star, 200 Number of Level 1- 1 Star heros required to level, 40, 1595, 175, 250, 625, 4…


@MuaaDip, @bruceforte

Thank you guys sooooo much for doing this… saved me a TON of time!!

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Thank you so much for the great work. It seems the file have been removed. I tried to add you in LINE to request it but I couldn’t find you. I am looking for the eco needed to level 5*, please add me in LINE “Macry477”

How much of experience I get for Glenda for feeding 4* trainer to her? Goblin balloon offers me 5x4* trainers or 30 challenge coins…


Just wondering if any one knows a rough guess how many hero’s like common and uncommon it takes to level a 5*

I think its about 1500 if you are using both 1 an 2 stars without worrying about color.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but you can do the math based on the numbers in this thread

Wow I have 600 with 70 trainers ready trying for a one day level of a 5*

That’s rough. You’ll definitely get a good chunk done with that, though.

Takes about 20min to fully level and LB a new 5* hero without using any trainer or tome