XP levels for all heroes - What do you need to level up and ascend?!


as I saw players leveling a 5 star hero in 1! day I beacme curious what is necessary to achieve that.
So I decided to create an Excel file that shows for 3, 4 & 5 star heroes the required XP per level starting from level 1 up to 4.
Under each column you’ll find the total sum of XP to achieve the final level before a hero can ascend.
Then further below on the left you can find the XP an unleveled 3, 4, or 5* hero in the SAME colour gives you if you use him for leveling your other heroes and finally how many of that kind of heroes are necessary.

Example: Column E/F

  • In sum you need 25275 XP points to get a 3* star Hero to Level 3/50
  • as a 2* Hero in the same coulour gives you 468XP (line 65)
  • you need 54 2* heroes to achieve that

The file is not complete especially as I do not have enough material to ascend my 5* heroes…
I am thankful for any input for the missing data:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to bruce and regit for adding data

Here the 3 graphs how the XP needed looks like for all levels… Its so progressive the higher the hero gets… thats what makes it so difficult to level

5 star diagramm

now overall: to level a 5* hero to 4/80 requires 353.599 xp points. That would be 246 5* heroes of the same colour only to be used for leveling


What is the significance of the blue and red lines on the graph? :slight_smile:

One is level one with its amount and the other is for level 3.


Reading! A necessary skill! :grin:


I can provide you with more data for the table. What’s the best way to send it ?

@MuaaDip: Please read above. ^^

I read this as “Raiding! A necessary skill!” and I thought:

“Yo, people think raids are dumb/notworthit. Yo, what if they gave heroes experience? The higher the cups, the more experience? Raids being useful? Fun? Rewarding? Incentive to try different comps? Experiment? Climb? Yo…”


Comprehension…a necessary skill! :grin:


@bruceforte: Maybe we can share the Excel somehow that both of us can update the same file. Do you have an idea how to do that?

use a google sheets document. all you need to do is get an email for bruce to give him permissions, then you can both edit. Or leave it as an open document where anyone with the link can edit, because really, who else is going to find it unless you publish it? apparently you can dump info from excel into google sheets pretty easily as well.

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I’d keep the original copied somewhere so if some wag butchers it, you can redo.

darn experience! :wink:


@bruceforte: Look at the new link. google table now. If you give me your E-mail I can add you

My email is < redacted >
I don’t want to leave my email in a public forum so please confirm once you’ve read it so I can remove it.

@MuaaDip Maybe you can post a Line Account for people to reach you? That way they aren’t posting their emails publicly. :wink:

Line account: Same user as here: Muaa’dip

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Maybe without the apostrophe?

I requested edit privileges on the google document directly.

Now I have a line ID: muaadip

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I have entered the data into the document. Let me know if anything is missing :slight_smile:

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Wow Bruce… How cool is that… Thanks… Really appreciate

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