XP Level Question


Ok, im sure this is a dumb question but does your XP level mean anything in the game? Your heroes power comes from training and same with troops. So what does it matter if younare a level 10 versus say a 19? Obviously your level gets higher as you progress but what does it matter? Am i missing something?


Speaking as a lvl 33 player… lol!

It’s generally just an indication of how much you’ve playing the game. Right now I have a max of 31 map energy points, which is handy for farming for troops,resources, and crafting items. The rewards for levelling are always the same. I do have 80 slots in my Heroes Roster, but I know I’ve bought into that 3 or 4 times (some by accident!).

So, you’re not missing anything. :smile:

Ask for confirmation when shopping under 'Resources'

Like @Coppersky said. More world energy, more hero slots and some free loot for each level :slight_smile:


Also max team power. To have a team of 5 level 80 heroes takes 130 team power, so you need to be level 30 for that. But don’t worry, you will be far over level 30 before you can get 5 level 80s, lol.

And I think building level is limited too by your level too, but i’m not sure. Been over 20 so long.


I’ve never had (or heard of) an issue with building level being limited by your level. In fact, my mini account that I mostly use for chatting in global is a lvl 6 character with a lvl 8 stronghold atm. And I believe I built that stronghold when it was still lvl 5.

Thanks for adding the bit about max team power. It’s high enough that I’ve never run into issues with it.