XP for Heroes/Level-Up center 🆙

• Heroes gain experience when used in battles.

• The 5 equipped heroes gain 5℅ experience based on the XP the player gains in the stage he played.
For example, the player just won a phase of the first season and earned 600 XP points, the hero team used wins 5℅ of that, ie + 30xp for the 5 heroes used.

Another idea is to set up a “Level-up center”

• You choose a hero, pay a sum of food and iron and the hero is “earning XP until reaching Lv max” (the process takes a long time and varies with the hero’s accession and rarity)
• The hero who is at the center of raising a level cannot be used in battle or one. And you can only have one hero at a time, to unlock more space you have to pay with gems.
• The waiting time can be skipped with gems just like any game time.

Thanks for reading.

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Comments what do you think of that?

First part of your idea is covered off here:
Gaining XP for Heroes from raids, world map stages, War, titans, and other uses [MASTER]

Don’t think a “Levelup centre” has been proposed previously.


Name the level up center “Gymnasium”. :star_struck:

these ideas exist in raid shadow legends, have you played that game?

Yes, guy, i play Raid Shadow Legends but no more.

oh yeeh guy nice name!

Is a great ideia to up level of new heroes when we get he.