XP Chest reward Suggestion


This has happened to me twice now as it reloads all flags I have lost out big time.

U think it would be nice if the titan and raid refills where given to in flasks rather than reloading to full as I had the 2 last times my level completed and my titan already full which means I lost out on my XP chest rewards.

The last time it was both the titan and raid, having said that it would hurt if all of them including energy was given in flasks to use it would make the reward much more worthwhile and appreciated especially when flags are already half to full.

Please see the light.



Getting the refills as flasks would be easier to manage in resource terms.

If you keep an eye on your profile, you can keep track of when you’re almost about to hit the next level, and use your raid and hopefully titan flags if you haven’t killed your current one before you do the last fight and level. It always annoys me when I forget and waste flags though.

A nice thing about those loot tickets is that extra experience earned is carried over when you level. That means that you can get to the last fight before levelling, then use your tickets to use all your remaining world energy on the highest level you can farm in one hit, so it isn’t wasted. That’s one of the two actually good uses I’ve found for tickets to date, and I don’t usually use the other one now that my team can auto-farm province 20 for red chests.


I am aware of all that but still would be nice to receive them as flasks though making more user friendly.

I also forget am I sure many others do as well and honestly what it be that much of a big deal to get them as flasks making it true rewards or it designed to just annoy use based on the fact that they know some or most of use would forget and lose out.


Stick a vote on your idea Gridlock! :wink:


Simple and easy ? No way :smile:


Posted on Jan 21 and still not seeing them on

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I hope your voice will reach them :slight_smile: