🕵 Xnolphod – S4 Hero – 5* Dark / Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I found that Xnolphod can make your slow dark in attack team able to charge in 9 tile from calculation.

Warning : This calculation have something wrong

You can make your Xnolphod charge in 9 tile with mana level 23 troop (+13% mana) or level 11 (+9% mana) if he is at +20.

Let say you put level 5 mana troop (+7% mana) on your dark slow hero+0. If your match 9 tile, he will get 9*1.07=9.63 tile and 9.63/12 = 80.25%. That mean when you use Xnolphod skill that add 20% mana. Your dark slow will charge.

And if you have x2 Xnolphod, you can make Alfrike or Boss Wolf charge within 9 tile even you don’t put any mana troop or emblem on Alfrike or Boss Wolf. (9/13.5=66.67% , 66.67% + 20% + 20% = 106.67%)

This correct calculation is here


I’ve started calling him squidward.


Sounds like a fitting name to me.

I have 2 copies -confirmed its 1 to charge up the slow in 9 tiles, and with 2 copies, you can charge alfrike in 9 tiles.

After this the calcs get harder and trying to make it work in practice is also hard but suffice to say they charge quickly using a mix of special and normal tiles, plus xnolphod X2 get charged quickly also ready to give extra mana.


5 of that gives you Never die team with 9 tiles. Lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Is he a good tank option for rush war vs chakko or Malicna?

Here are my thoughts!


Xnolphod with lvl23 mana troop essentially makes all purple average speed (with or without mana troop) or slow speed (with lvl17+ mana troop or equivalent like lvl11+mana node) heroes on the team into 9 tile heroes.

I don’t have the hero so can’t test it, but from my understanding, a hero who charges normally in 12 tiles (like slow hero with insufficient mana troop) won’t be fully charged from Xnolphod’s 20% mana boost. 9 tiles should charge said 12tile hero by 75% and then Xnolphod’s 20% would give you 95% charged. That being said, I understand that a 12 tile hero doesn’t necessarily mean 12 tiles gives exactly 100% mana. 12 tiles should give a bit more than 100%, and therefore 9 tiles could give more than 75% charged, especially with different level mana troop and/or mana nodes. Needs testing.

What I really want to know is: Can Alfrike+19 with lvl23 or 29 mana troop become a 9 tile hero on first cast with Xnolphod?

P.S. character design lookin like Davy Jones’ decrepit azz cthulhu lookin’ azz grandpa


Hmm this is interesting calculation. So the cut off will be +7% mana for a slow hero then? Will need to test.

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after X fires ALfirke with a lvl23+ mana troop needs 8 of those charged tiles to fire if she has no mana to start with. after expending that mana, she needs 9 of those specially charged tiles to charge again.

Here’s what everyone is forgetting that +37% from X applies to only the dark tiles on the board . new ones on the board need X to fire again to alter them. SO if you fire X with say 5 tiles on the board its not gonna get alfrike charged up with out using no altered tiles that don’t have the 37% bonus.

Yes this hero can be incredibly powerful but you need to fire him with say 8 or 9 purples on the board and a purple diamond to do make many of these scenarios we keep coming up with work.

Full pic:


He straight up looks like Cthulhu


Let me do all the math for you.
so lets assume level 29 mana on both alfrike and X thats 15% bonus
lets assume +19 alfrike so she is now 17% mana bonus
lets also give X +20 so he is now +19% mana bonus

Now start the battle
It takes 9 tiles to charge X.
He fires
Now Alfrike has that 20% plus the charge from 9 tiles so 2.7 tiles + 10.53 tiles = 13.23 tiles of the 13.5 you need.
so now you magically have a purple dragon tile with no other purples around it that you can launch
ALfrike is charged
X has 1.56 tiles now plus his 20% for a total of 3.56 tiles
you need 5 of those altered dark tiles to charge him again.
so lets say you get those 5 exactly
X is charged the second time
Alfrike no has 7.7 tiles of mana
FIre X a second time
ALfrike now has 10.4 tiles of charge
if you can match 2 more of those altered tiles ALfrike is charged for the second time and can fire.
if you have no altered tiles left you need 3 regular tiles to chare her.
Either scenario requires 5 non altered tiles to finish charging X for the 3rd time. Unless you are really lucky and still have altered tiles left. then you could charge him with 4 altered tiles.

SO as you can see its not continuous rapid fire alfrike. ITS CLOSE but firing Alfrike twice with matching only 17 or 18 tiles is pretty darn good and should win most raids


It is confirmed that it takes +7% mana (i.e. lvl5 mana troop or lvl1 + mana node) to get slow heroes charged by Xnolphod’s +20% mana.

Video credits to alliancemate McWillis of Crew Jesters!


That can be confirmed with math, no video needed

9 *1.07= 9.63
20% of 12 = 2.4




No, you can’t make Alfrike charge within 9 tile with 1 Xnolphod.

80% charge of very slow = 0.8*13.5 = 10.8 tile. And 10.8/9 = 1.2 that mean you need +20% mana if you want to make Alfrike charge within 9 tile with 1 Xnolphod.

It can be happen with +%mana blessing in Ninja/Magic Tower or with any other +%mana buff. But if you want to charge Alfrike within 9 tile with 1 Xnolphod at the start of the raid or war, not gonna happen (except rush attack). :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit : I forget about that +20% mana also affect by any +% regen :sweat_smile: Yes, you can make Alfrike charge within 9 tile with 1 Xnolphod.

This correct calculation is here

Want this guy badly, which means I won’t get him, lol.

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You and me both… direct mana gain is gold in this game

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No you need 2. I have tested and confirmed.
You can only make slows for in 9 with 1