🕵 Xnolphod – S4 Hero – 5* Dark / Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Soon there will be I am sure. He is still good in an Alfrike and Ludwig team tho

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I can get ludwig stated in 9 tiles with xnol… But I’m not ok with keeping shop on the bench lately… Letting Arco do all of my healing for me.

I know the Xno nerf hammer sadly killed his defensive utility. I am curious if he still has value on offense (as he is sitting on my bench at 2.60). He would fit my attack style perfectly as I love the heal/mana ++ combo he provides like Toxicandra & Thanatos. Or should I run with Hawthorn instead (currently at 3.70), despite his impending “balance” nerf?

Hawthorn at 3/70 stomps xman. I think he’ll still be loads better after the nerf.

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Hawthorne is better… But xnol still has value when paired with slow heroes. Mind you… You need a combination of troop mana gen and emblem mana gen to get to the requisite 19%… But it is doable. Allows the slow hero to charge in 9 tiles… Making victory assured.

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Almost nobody seems to remember the tile mana up. That makes him very viable in any game type where you heavy stack purples


That’s a good point @Homaclese. It’s one of the many things I love about Rhys. Once I have a gap in defense, I can fire Rhys and have Anne & Jove ready to fire again after 1 turn. It’s the same aspect of the special in a different color for Xno.

I’d recommend Rigard instead. 6 tabbards on Xnol is not ideal, regardless of tile mana.

I am trying to avoid mono… So i haven’t used xnol as much lately… But… It was nice when j could charge slow heroes in 9 tiles ( which i can still do with the right mana troop combo), and then ghost 3 changed tiles and do it all over again.

Y’all see the xnol costume… Honestly… The balls on these mf’ers.


Don’t tell me, it’s the pre-nerf version like Frigg & Odin !!

Almost… 20% mana chunk but the heal is only 20%… Because evidently that was the issue with him being overpowered.


This is why I haven’t given them a cent in over a year. It’s disgusting how they treat their customers

Hey guys, i recently pulled Xnold (+c). As i don’t have good 5stars healers, is he worth leveling up and LB?

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The costume… I don’t love… But the regular with the mana chunk… Still works great with slow heroes and the right mana generating troops.


Alright, will level him then! Thanks!