Xmas special

I bought the today’s special in the winter’s fun but I didn’t get that special reward, the 200 gems fine…but anything else! Is it random?

@Cxiixo, follow this topic and all will be clear to you.
Aka Traggeter

I think you have to buy all the specials currently offered to get the “mystery” offer but not 100% sure

I bought all five and didn’t get anything, so not sure that’s it.

Oh sorry it was just an honest guess. I haven’t bought any

I got the mystery offer, which was (IIRC) an epic hero token, an epic troop token and 700 gems for £4.99. I didn’t buy every offer on the calendar but I did buy some of them. Maybe the mystery offer is dependent on spending a certain amount? Not that I’d encourage anyone else to do so.

EDIT: the mystery offer appeared after I bought the 5 x 200 gem for 99p offers.

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Sorry, my bad. It is a new offer that comes out, I got confused with a gift! 700 gems, 1x Epic Hero token and 1x Epic Troop token for £4.99.


Orangebee it sounds like you got the shaft

Nope, user error! Haha

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Said that before reading your response that offer did appear after all…oops

it gives me an error for the gems. it says there are 4 in stock, but when I click on it ‘Error: already owned’ comes up

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