Xmas hero's or special missions



Do not misinterpret my words, it is not an attack on Rook or his work, his and to him he is what I respect the most about E & p, but I have an ethics. Is it ethical that players in general do not know useful data that certain circles know? Is it ethical for the beta to be pursued so that no nearby data is leaked, when the developers leak important remote data? Internet is a business, how many visits do you think a video of me would have showing what I know and that evidently was not filtered in beta, but above?


Rook is a she.

Devs used to be more relaxed on players sharing beta info. But players screwed it up by going way overboard with it. It used to just be cards or a screenshot here and there. But once videos were popping up all over the place as soon as beta testing opens, that’s when devs started cracking down on it. And honestly would be nice to have a surprise once in awhile and not see a month or more in advance, every single change devs are making. Kinda hard to “wow” us with new heros or quests or events, if we see it way earlier than we’re supposed to and already start setting expectations and critiquing every little thing.

Season 2
Fables of grimmforest
Springvale quest
Sand quest
Halloween quest
Christmas quest

All spoiled by leaked info

I’m as bad as everyone else, once i hear ths rumor/gossip mill goin, of course I’m going to want to know what’s coming. Human nature. But if info wasnt leaked then we would actually get to enjoy the element of surprise


Yes, I was surprised one month when Beta info was leaked to the Forum literally twenty minutes after it appeared on the Beta server.

I believe the crackdown by the Devs happened after this.

If my players seek out information elsewhere, I’m not going to stop them. But I won’t permit pics or videos being distributed in the alliance’s main chat. (I believe one was posted this last week, and I made my usual post prohibiting it.)

I believe it is not unreasonable for the owners of the images to control when they are released.

Oh, and yes I’m a girl. :grin:


I think we can now understand why Gobbler was created


Wait… what?

You’re human?

Well I’ll be…


I knew if i listened long enough I would finally nail one of the beta test leaks. There was one person in general in beta that complained of rudolph not having a red nose from the get go. Im sure the mods know who im talking about. Lol.

Oh well no biggie. Not my place and i honestly think devs should give everyone a very vague heads up on future heros just so people can not blow mats on heros they will regret.


@Rook go look in beta where we were discussing the new heros. Check out the comments about rudolph not having a red nose. I believe you will have another leak uncovered.


Interesting. :thinking:

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There’s no rule against discussing generalized beta content outside of the beta boards. SGG has prohbited the external use of images and videos.


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I better start hoarding my precious gems now… PRRRRRECIOUS!


I thought @Rook was feline!


Holy ■■■■! Poseidon is the new / counter for Gravediggers and Queens.


Same! A little bit shocked right here…


No need to fear anything. They in beta and they maybe come out differently. Until that, we should have fun to get those pictures and informations and shouldn’t complain about their weaknesses or strengths, so that the rules of not sharing those beta stuff maybe gets a roll back :wink::+1:
If I can get one of them, I hope he will be op a* f*** :joy:


He speak Portuguese… I think brasile player…


You guys havent seen that? I just figured @Rook and everyone was like me and scoured the web looking for Poseidon when sg first mentioned him and areil. I think atmos looks awesome. 950 healing for all??? Good god!!!


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A lot of people share beta stuff, not just russians and spaniards :face_with_raised_eyebrow: