Xmas hero's or special missions

@Petri @J.o Someone know special missions for Xmas seasons… new hero’s… new look …

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@Rook hello everyone
Someone know Xmas events or hero’s

yup, they look lovely , rudolphs a dear & mrs santa a real butt kicker , best bit …
… like santa says …

… wait n see :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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All still in Beta, so not for sharing because it’s not finished :wink:


I thought beta pics and videos were a no go, but discussion (i.e. relaying what’s in beta) was ok. Or did I misunderstand was petri previously said somewhere on the forums?


@JonahTheBard I know buddy… I need some opening date…
Anyway congratulations
Become moderator… :blush::crossed_fingers:

Will be there a calendar again?

It will all probly start around first of december if it’s lije last year or like halloween quest

My source for beta info finally posted so I can actually share for once. And yes im sharing. [edited by Rook]

Mrs Clause, who we’re just calling just North from now on, is a 5 star nature healer and has a revival skill similar to Alby. She has a minion summoning ability and the minion will auto clone itself if you’re too slow to kill it.

Rudolph is a 3 star fire type. He’s kind of a blasphemous though because for some reason SG didnt give him a red nose. Spiker, reduces mana, and has a similar minion ability to north

Elf is a 4 star nature hero. It attacks target and nearby enemies and has a similar minion ability to North

Last but of course not least is Kris Kringle. 5 star fire (why? He should be ice come on its freakin santa) hero AOE special skill while debuffing their attack and defense. Same minion ability as his wife



Yeah people with beta access share new heroes (current) stats, elements, names and abilities all the time on this forum and its never been a problem.

Posting pictures, videos or specifically sharing where to look online to find them has been a problem always though


Sharing Beta pics and video is strictly prohibited. I personally do not share stats since they are subject to change.

I will also continue to delete aspersions cast on Beta players that they are somehow intentionally getting a leg up on other players. Enough of that. Beta players do a thankless job, don’t get paid for it, and don’t get to share—at the risk of losing their Beta accounts. They are players who volunteer their time to help make the game better for everyone. :slight_smile:


Visit facebook… sometimes you find beta players share fotos … videos…
But sad think Zuckerberg no need moderators…:wink::laughing::upside_down_face::+1:

Seen them. I feel no reason to comment much about them because things often change.

What I wonder is if they are going to be like the Halloween heroes and SG is going to give a whopping .6% pull chance on the 5*s

I’m someone who spends hundreds on special heroes but I won’t on a .6% chance. I spent my coins on shots at Victor but no gems. If the Christmas ones are the same they need to change the artwork for them all and change the names to Scrooge, Grinch, Coal and Coca-Cola.


Odds will be just as bad. Easter event had same odds.

Yes, no way to tell if those are Beta players or someone copying. Those Beta players caught sharing pics or video lose their beta accounts. Period.

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And above the beta? I have information that is not yet in Beta, heroes that go to 3 months, plans that have not even been presented yet. Who do they take what? And publicly we can not know (or can not) but everything is known in betas alliances.

Really? Not in my alliance, because I don’t divulge it.

I know in your case. Is that I find it curious, so zealous that people do not know something useful for everyone when in certain circles is known and, even more than that, when development has huge leaks. Do you know who are the hotm of January and February Rook?

Rook follows the rules and i find that pretty respectable. Weird that you don’t.


I respect him and in his case I know