Xmas event: kelile or colen?

I will be short. I am preparing for xmas event and have enough material to ascend kelile OR colen to max tier. The question is, who is better for events? Both are maxed in the tier 3 but now I can only max one of them to tier 4. Help!!! Thank you so much!!!

Why I am asking: colen is annoying because he always dies. I am tired of wasting resources on him. Yet, I wonder if he gets better after leveling more. Kelile, oh… kelile. That fast mana sounds like heaven, but will be enough for a event?

My current heroes that I use more often:
Domitia, drake fong, rigard, Kiril, caedmon.

Others: jackal (to upgrade), liu xiu, skittleskull (to upgrade), melendor, khiona,

Sounds like your red heroes are lacking in general so it might be best to wait for a 5* red to ascend since you are so low on materials. However, either hero will give you a huge boost since you are not using a red hero. Personally I would suggest Kelile since your mana situation is overall kind of slow.

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I was thinking heavily on kelile too… in fact, red is my weakest color, no doubts… thank you for the suggestion!!! :heart: I think I will go for kelile then… waiting for a 5 star can take time and the event should be coming shortly.

Go for Colen if you are aiming for event since slow mana does not matter much if you can use mana pots.

If you can add at least a pulverizer in your combo and fire away your Colen, the results will definitely be better than a single hit Kelile.


I strongly disagree as colen’s special takes too much time to burn.

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Kelile was my first red 4* i think she was my first 4* overall.
She is at 3/53. still.

My first 4t red ended up being Falcon.

If you HAVE to… 4T kelile… but really I’d wait for another worthier red 4* or 5*.

Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett come to mind. or any red 5*.

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Kelile is really underrated, in my opinion. Fast hitting red with decent damage. That being said, there are a lot better ones out there.

If you want one that you’ll use regularly in wars and (maybe) raids, then go Kelile.

If it’s really just about this one event, then probably Colen, as you can use mana potions like AirHawk said.

Kelile is fine but she’s not good. Kelile is never on event winning teams but Colen frequently is, in epic tier red stack teams. Mono red in epic is always Boldtusk, Gormek (probably Wilbur now) falcon, Scarlett and Colen.


thanks for the help & feedback guys! I went on Colen as most of you suggested for the event. my alliance brothers also told me colen… so… he is already at 4/40… it’s getting better but definitely not someone that I’ll use on main team for raids or map. Hope he helps at least on the event. Hope to pull boldtusk or some red 5* soon too. x

New player here but kindda addicted to the game…lol.
Quick question : Gormek and Kiril the beer guy or Boldtusk and Grimm
as a tank and flank?
Feedback is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

IMO BoldTusk and Grimm - but you should create a new thread for this. It will make it easier for people to spot, and you don’t want to hijack someones thread.

Noted and will do.
Thank you.

I raid with Colen when I stack red all the time. He’s a great hero.

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I have both… Kelile was my first 4* but I left her at 3/60 when I got Colen. Now, Colen goes everywhere with me, along with Boldtusk and Wilbur. They’re a great combination for events and raids.

Doubt Kelile will ever make it to 4/70. She still sees some use in AW but I have Azlar and 2xZim now, and the only other red that hits harder than Colen is Azlar, so the three 5*s will receive all hidden blades.

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