Xiaotu bug (?)

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What I’m posting could go in the Bugs category, but I want to find out if other players have noticed the same thing I’ve noticed twice now. In the Lunar event when I’ve inflicted Xiaotu with the Shifting Mindless Attack status and she fires off her Special, the SMA status is removed. Her Special, Family buff and/or Passive doesn’t have the ability to remove any negative statuses. It happens while she’s still under the number of turns for SMA until it ends or is passed on to one of her allies.

If other players have noticed this with any kind of negative status inflicted on Xiaotu, including when either a player's using her on offense or a player faces her on defense and it's removed after she fires off her Special, then my post can be moved into the Bug category and the devs can investigate it.

Shifting Mindless Attack means that it will jump to another enemy when the enemy with this ailment has fired her/his skill.

So I think this is working as expected.

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1st, I apologise for not mentioning that when Xiaotu has used her Special, her Special still happens. 2, When I’ve used SMA against NPC Enemies and against another player’s Raid DEF team and War DEF teams, the opponent gets damaged and loses all Mana and their Special doesn’t activate. In the Lunar Event, when the NPC Xiaotu fires off, her Special still activates. That shouldn’t happen even though the game is controlling her. I’ve Xiaotu and I know other players have her too. If the same thing happens when a player is using her on offense or defense outside of the Lunar Event, then it’s a bug.

Do you have any screenshot / video about the problem ?

I’m sorry, unfortunately I wasn’t recording a video during each of the two times I encountered it. The first time was when I went through the Easy mode. The second time was when I was in the game before I posted and encountered it when I faced Xiaotu the second time in the Normal mode. If I may ask, are you a game dev?

Did you check the number of turns left for the SMA ?

I think there’s been some discussion on Waddles’ SMA: when Turn 1 starts and Turn 3 ends.

When SMA is inflicted, I check to ensure that it’s 2 turns left before I smash tiles into the target. Just to be safe. If it’s 1 turn left, and Waddles is active, I “refresh” with Waddles first and then send those tiles in.

Why does SMA wear off at the beginning of a turn, not at the end as other ailments? I started using Waddles a few days ago and when an enemy has SMA that should last one more turn and I hit it with tiles, SMA wears off first and then an enemy fire their specials. Other ailments don’t work like that.

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yes that is weird and I think it need to be fixed, I also check the enemy that is going to fire and it said that it has 1 turn left on the SMA and after my turn ends the ailment finish and the enemy use the special.

I noticed that too. Couldn’t find an official explanation and assumed that it was working as intended.

Hence me waiting for at least 2 turns left to dump tiles.

Either that or I bring Zhabog to refresh. I refresh when it’s at turn 2 too.

It works the same with Alfrike…if I get hit and it says one turn left I can safely charge my hero and it won’t trigger the mindless attack.

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I didn’t notice this. Good to know. Thank you.