🏰 Xiamara – 5* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

This is the exact thing that happens with Xiamara. If an enemy hero has a status ailment like the one cHel/Onatel/Ghealach etc. inflict, then three off color tiles that deal 3 damage to an enemy will inflict -750 to the hero because each tile would theoretically add a little bit of mana, but is stolen each time. You saying that this isn’t what happens goes to show that you haven’t actually seen this happen in reality.

Can we confirm that the effects work differently on offense vs. defense? That’s the part I’m a little confused about :sweat_smile:

I think it works the same for offense and defense for the most part but defense gains mana at the end of each which can also trigger the effect if the mana buff or stack condition is met. So if the hero has a +% mana buff the effect will be triggered by the mana generation at the end of the turn on defense when the hero gains mana or by tiles(which can be offense or defense)


What hero is better for defence and offense: Xiamara or Edwin? They are both LB1 and I want to LB2 one green hero and I dont want to waste mats, I’m more concerned about offense (I’ve never been one to care about defense though my league defense doesn’t seem to be doing well so I’d like to improve that one)

I thought it would be Xiamara 100% but going through these posts I’m not sure now. Both have similar stats, Xiamara hits harder but is average and Edwin is fast. I also have Archie but his stats are falling behind these two though he does have the buff block which is always good

@ffphier thanks for explaining, makes sense to me now! :slight_smile:

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I use her quite a bit and i haven’t seen that at all. Ive seen 250s but i haven’t seen any 750s, ill go try some more but i think you are mistaken.

As ive said i use this buff and the one nemesis has to combat ludwig and for that purpose nemesis actually works a bit better because you have to get the debuff on before ludwig can fire so the two characters on the sides of ludwig can take the damage. So nemesis being fast speed makes that easier.

It won’t show 750, but three instances of 250, as in the picture that was supplied

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I like Xiamara better than Edwin, but not by that much. Edwin is one i couldn’t understand the youtubers pooping on. He will end up hitting harder than Sobek at a faster speed and he also locks in debuffs so they can’t be cleansed. How do they call Sobek amazing and not like a character that does more than him in every way. But that being said, Xiamara is better than him so id ascend her first. Ive been trying for 2 days now to get Xiamara to do her debuff on a character that buffs mana to see how tile damage is calculated and it is much harder than you would think. Every hippo i have found is maried to a Hathor and there aren’t very many mana boosters in my meta. It is very difficult to even apply her debuff on characters that buff generation of mana at avg speed. The damage is the main thing she brings to the table.

I fought a hippo/myoinni combo (spelled that wrong probably), and the entire opponent team had mana buffs. I had a 2 gems in the board. I triggered both of them and annihilated their team. 250’s all over the board, it was great.

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Both in league and raiding (for me) there is one mana booster in almost every team.

Myoin-in, phorcys (minion effect), hippo, Ludwig, does the passive of Sha count I wonder? Hathor (again, passive), Queen Anne is more seldom now, gelert…

They are all over the place seems to me

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Haven’t seen anyone calling EdwiN bad….:man_shrugging:t2::exclamation:

Before he came, based on my beta test, I spoke on my channel, how he was brilliant hit-ALL that I was looking forward to…. Same view in hero analysis, post game launch …
I did get him…. held off completing him… only, becoz of Xiamara landing in the roster…. Her specials being better in my understanding….I prioritised her….
I am glad, as she has joined my defence to deal with heroes…. players use to speed up mana charging…

  • Now that X is done :white_check_mark:…. EdwiN is ready to get those tonics :exclamation:

Sorry Dansing, i wasn’t sure which youtubers said it, so i couldn’t name anyone, but one for sure called him meh until we debated it in the comments.

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Does the stag passive counter corrosive frost?