🐼 Xiahou Dun – 4* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms

does anyone know when War of the Three Kingdoms summons will be back?

Yes, it was announced in the V47 Release notes:

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Thank you @PlayForFun

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In case anyone is wondering how his stats have changed




Is this hero still useful if one already has a maxed sonya?

They are both fast blue hitters, one dispels all while the other dispels over time through minions.
I get that there are some differences but is he different enough to level and emblem him?

It’s not just XHD being able to dispel overtime, he is also able to dispel pass taunt and dodge with no effort once he sets up his minions. His drawback being his minions need to survive to have those quality dispels

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I have both maxed (Xiahou Dun is LBed), and the only reasons I can see to use Sonya instead are

  • If you need to dispel immediately instead of waiting for the minions
  • Dispel without taking any damage

Yes, the minion-based dispels are random instead of to all, but most of the time it’s good enough. The ignoring taunt and dodge are huge

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Tks for replies!

Just read through the earlier posts as well, seems like xhd is really gd and can be used in place of sonya

For 4* tournaments where there is Ferant and/or Azmia, they might both be needed. But for raids/wars, his minions match my Pengi team better and I have Iris as well

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thanks for sharing. that is barely a decrease