🍃 Xandrella – 5* Nature/ Green from Contest of Elements

This passive of troops, Aganist weak color is effective Aganist blu titan or not,

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One of my alliance members is also asking about her passive use on titans. Is she useful on titans? Does her passive make her a viable titan hero?

& @Photon
1st off, yes her passive would be active against any Ice enemy, Titans included. 2nd, it depends who all you have on your current Ice Titan team. For those that have each of the 5 main components - Tarlak (or equivalent), EDD, DD, franz/Hammertusk, & Ratatoskr - then I don’t see Xandrella substituting any of those. However, I think the majority of the player base does not have every single one of those heroes. If this is the case, then I could see her being an improvement over some other options :nerd_face:

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I have Dolgoon for DD, Fogg for EDD, Franz, Tarlak and Rat and Xandrella

Didnt even think of this. Genius!

I love having Xandrella on defense in the double formation with two red tanks. All I have to do is watch a bunch of numb nuts raid me with mono blue teams. Then she is essentially a faster Khufu because she hits all ice enemies. Some of them will sneak by, but it’s such an easy trap to set. It’s pretty funny to go through the teams that raided me and see how many people fall for it.

Who still raids with mono teams? It’s all dependent on getting a good board. Most players over level 100 who raid me use at least two colors. It’s usually just the weak teams hoping to get lucky who have mono color teams.

I guess there’s always players who are starting out and still figuring out what they’re doing.

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Yes people still raid with mono from where I come from

Yep most people who raid me do so with mono teams as well, they usually lose 60-70% of the time :sweat_smile: Anyway @wick_dawg that’s an interesting strategy, glad it’s working for you!

Kinda my point. Since I put Xandrella in, I’d say the teams that raid me lose about 80% of the time. More so for the mono blue teams.

I probably win at least 90% of my raids and I haven’t used a mono team since I was at level 75. I’m over level 100 now. The only reason to use a mono team is if you’re up against a much stronger team, which is probably why the more experienced players don’t need to.

It’s nice to just use one raid team i can use against everyone and not have to set a bunch of different teams and change it depending on the defense I’m up against

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I agree! I use the same raid team every time which makes life easier. I struggle with challenge events where the enemy colour reflect changes because I’m lazy to constantly change up my teams :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I never paid much attention to what teams players used against me until I put Xandrella in. I just wanted to see if they would fall for the trap and I was surprised by how many mono teams people used against my defense and especially surprised by how many mono blue teams. Even more surprising was how many would do a rematch and bring mono blue again. Most of thise were by players at lower levels.

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I even consider doing my LB#2 with her first