X10 summon, only 8 cards received

Hi. Anybody had any issues with X10 summons today?
I took me a while to collect the gems and I won’t even comment on how disappointed I was with the card popping up BUT I only got 8 cards not 10…
Emailed tech support but they can take their time to respond so just checking if it’s a bug or just a one off glitch.

there are 2 each of two of them :wink:



I wasn’t clear enough, sorry, the duplicate cards don’t show up on my list, and only 8 cards are available to use to feed another card.

And no, I didn’t lock any of them as they are all food, apart from frosty.

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hmm well that is strange & different. might have to wait it out for support, only thing you could try is the usual hard-reset, clear cache/cookies, restart phone, etc.

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Yeah, will try it tomorrow. Fed up with this game lol.
Thanks and have a good one.

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Look how below Rudolph and Valen you have a X2

You have 2x under both Rudolph and under Valen.

add the numbers below them and it comes to 10 :slight_smile:

But then his follow up makes it sound like he’s saying the dupes didn’t show up in his roster, I think

I’d be surprised if that was the case.

But the only way to check is to #contact-support.

Click the hashtag for instructions or:


yeah, strange indeed

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