WWYD? - no regrets ascensions & summons

Hi fellow players, recently I’m torn between several little decisions as

  • keeping my ascension materials for when I’ll actually get 5* gamechanging heroes
  • wait until I had the double of the needed 4* materials and ascend the least worst
  • what hero to chase after / wich summon to perform
  • restart my TC20 production

Monthly E&P budget < 15€

I’m sure that it’s worth to wait for June’s HOTM before ascending my Leonidas and I’m waiting after Atlantis to ascend Khagan (and for the 12th ring) but Id rather level Prisca & Renfeld (just for collection) or another Rigard than giving tabards to Quintus.

By dropping my EHT chasing holy heroes purple seems to be a dead end…

My priorities are

  1. Alliance Wars performances (Dark tank ATM)
  2. Titans
  3. Raid Tournaments competition
  4. Quests & Events completion (no problems here)
  5. Events competition

Ascension Materials


So in short I would try for June '19 heroes and Atlantis summons.
Wich heroes/summons would gives me more benefits to you?


Ascend whoever is ready for it.
Next mats will come, next hero possibly never…

You just need a decision, if you’ll have two heroes and only one set of mats.


Probably any of the new heroes coming out would be nice additions for you, but I also don’t think any are critically necessary based on your roster.

With your budget, if I were you, I’d Summon moderately or not at all in the coming months, work with what you’ve got, and save up to see what comes for Season 3.

In the meantime, I’d keep one tc20 running.


@Olmor speaks the truth. That super special HotM is not a guarantee. Go with what you have on hand now. New AM will…eventually…come around.


I go with @Olmor as well. I currently leveing a second Leo as I got no other good yellow 4 star. Also a second Obakan on last tier. Never got any other purple 5 star except Aeron which is already done…why wait for a Toth or else that never comes…


:+1: seems like lowering my RNG expectations will be the way to go, I’m gonna ascend Leonidas (that I actually like anyway) and Khagan.

It just feels like they wouldn’t hold even 1/2 candle when compared to newer heroes (see mana control and increased mana generation) but ther’s nothing we can do in that regard.

The hope for another balance patch and the announced skins to make them on par with the other heroes is still high.


This is an interesting situation, but also a bit difficult for me to envision since you have significantly more roster depth and AM’s than I do. Here are the key factors I’d think about:

  1. If you intend to summon during Atlantis, it’s certainly worth waiting a few days to see who’s available / if you get anyone at this point.

  2. I always find it easier to wait if I have a viable project in each element - one that will meaningfully affect my roster. Because your roster is superior, that bar is harder to clear for you than me. It is not clear to me that you have a good place to dump resources (barring the ascensions you mentioned), which would make me lean towards ascending.


Ah, there is the hook. You feel like if you don’t have the new shiny hero you are at an disadvantage.


Well, by comparing Leonidas’ 40% mana destruction (single target, average speed) and Khagan’s +24% mana generation (caster and nearby allies, slow speed) it doesn’t just feels like they would be on par with other mana effects, it’s not about hooks or money baits as I wouldn’t go over my budget no matter what…

I am pretty much in the same boat you are.

Although I am keeping my mats around. I have enough for 2 green and 1 blue currently.

Richard is going to 70 and getting consideration but i don’t know if he would improve my defense. He would get my paladin emblems.

Current D = Anzogh Drake Kunchen Onatel Lianna…Would Richard make an impact?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Best bet is to work with what you have. Make a try for the shiny new hero for sure but with your budget (much higher than mine) don’t be surprised if you don’t succeed. If you DO it’s a bonus, and gives you a long-term project to work on. In the meantime, look at what gives you the most benefit for the priorities you have. You mention a purple tank, I presume for AW defense, which is tough because good purple tanks are rare. Off-hand Kunchen and Kage are good, Aeron is ok, who else? Since you have neither your choices are limited to Quintus, Sartana, or Obakan. Possibly Cyprian, which would force the opponent to use a debuffer.

Ascending Quintus would be painful. I’m not sure you would get a better option in the near future. Maybe Kage in Atlantis?

TC20 could kick out a Domitia. Again not a great tank but surely better than Quintus.


You have a deep solid roster for wars. Probably know better than anyone what you feel lacking when you face war opponents.

You’re not lacking in mats, really no glaring concern.

So no rush to ascend heroes that you have but I think Leo and Khagen will both add to your war flexibility.

BTW, how do you add the drop down for roster and mats? I like it!!

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Good thing about Quintus and/or Lianna is that they are all damage.
So every step you take on the talent greed in attack it affect much more those two heroes.

I currently use Quintus as my third stack against Onatel or Delilah tanks, same as main damage dealer for yellow mobs in monthly event.
I start to really notice the difference in raids, from quite meh hero to devastating, and can only improve.
So definetely use him if you can, he is not half bad and can really become interesting in the future.

Again i break a lance for Leo. You have Tarlak, you don’t really need Ranvir.
The only downside of him is his speed, but differently from other heroes (like Onatel or Natalya) he immediately have an effect on the opponent and you don’t have to wait turns.
And that’s great.

Khagan i agree, still an average hero for all the jobs.
Not a great damage dealer, too slow for his buffs, average stats.

I have 5 of them, none of them reach lv. 2 on first ascension. (Aka, i just keep them to see the new buildings)

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I’m in a similar position as you all around and I’m mostly just holding on and waiting, meanwhile ascending some fun 3s for the tournaments and an occasional 4* here and there as I feel like. I would ascend Leo if I were you because I think he’s quite good. But otherwise for the most part I’m not sure a whole lot will change for you ascending a Quintus or a Khagan. I don’t know if they will really add that much in actual performance for your roster as it is. So I’d continue to wait, and see what will come from changes to the game that are maybe not too far off, especially if you see yourself playing the game for a long time to come.

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