No sure which to leave up next.

Wu Kong


Don’t know what you have, but I would choose Chao. Wu Kong is a niche hero, generally is useful only for titans, and even there is easily replaceable (Edelaide, Bertulf, Tarlak, Ranvir etc). Chao with his mana control is useful in all situations.

Wu Kong can eat a bowl… not getting my mats :sweat_smile:

depends what you need them for.

Wu Kong is a Titan specialist. although with his miss chance, many stop using him once they get e.g. Bertulf, Sergei, Miki, Tarlak

Chao’s mana cut can be useful, but he is far from the best mana controller. Gretel, Hansel, Merlin are all available from Hero Academy and are better at mana control. (C-Chao on the other hand is also pretty good).

how long have you been playing? after a while, 4* heroes become very easy and fast to level up.


Wu is one of the few ‘easily’ obtainable damage multiplier heroes. While others can do the same job, eg. Ranvir, the chances to obtain them are… less abundant. So depending on your playing and spending habits, Wu can be very handy.

While seen as a titan specialist, Wu can work well in some tricky situations in a ‘last ditch attempt’ scenario, like last war flag, in order to increase damage to the opponent. Very much depends how you play.

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Is Wung Kong even in beta yet?!?

Thanks gor the input greatly apreciated.