Wukong vs Guinevere

Fun idea,
A team of 5x Wukong offense vs 5x Guinevere defense
Then vice versa. Say out of 10 matches either way, 20 in total who do you think would com out on top ?

I think Zero might have the resources to do it.

Guin would win 99% of the time. First of all, Wu’s special doesn’t stack with itself while Guin’s mana reduction does, and you can cast 2 or her to get healing across all 5 simultaneously. Wu kong doesn’t stand a chance on defense given how squishy he is. His special would almost never go off since the Guins can reduce his mana by 100% if they all cast together, and even if he got his special off the AI would almost never manage to focus down a single Guin to kill her through her healing. Most likely they’d just hit different targets and never kill a single Guin.

On offense Wu could conseivibly pull off a win just as with any full color stack, but he’d be at a huge disadvantage with only 1 special, no direct damage, and being the weak color. He’d need an insane board to win, killing the center Guin before she cast, getting a gem, firing his special, and praying the board refills with more yellow tiles. Otherwise he’d get caught in an endless cycle of having his mana reduced while the Guins heal up all the damage they’ve taken and chip away at his health with slash attacks.

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I don’t believe you with your sound reasoning , you will have to show me YouTube clips of the whole match. You and your 99.99 % prediction. Would anyone of sound mind be paying hundred or even thousands of their hard earn dollars, rubbles, euros or pounds for a few pixels ?


A team of x5 4.70 Wu Kong would win 100% of the times both in attack and defense VS a team of x5 1.01 Guinevere. This would be the only match I would find fun, for the rest ther’s Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

But vs x5 4.80 Guinevere? C’mon man… “you will have to show me YouTube”
First, I doubt that you’ll ever find a team with x5 Wu Kong to battle with Guinevere 10 times if not with birbes while in a War.
Second, would you need a video if someone would say that a lion would win vs a cat?
Third, were you expecting serious responses or were you only trying to defame Zero?

I would never dare defame Zero, I would think anyone in this game can do it he can, I also think he is a good sport, and he will do it if it’s fun. I have seen most of his YouTube video, he wins a lot of events and very generous with his knowledge. I think he’s great.