Wukong and the missing

I plan to max 3 wukongs.

He is so useful to balancing against strong opponent either in last flags of war, ninja tower or ToL where u don’t have strong team left. He can boost weak team strength.

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I quickly fell in love with Wu after pulling him and maxing him. Originally I had planned to keep 6 of him, and put one on every war team. :grin:

Later I was fortunate enough to pull Miki, and started having some success with color stacking, so Wu became less important.

But absolutely, early in game, when you don’t have all of your heroes leveled up yet? Wu is a total game changer.

Wu is very helpful in ninja tower events, when u run out heroes due to the curse, wu can tansform trashy heroes into powerful one.

This is applied to f2p or c2p players with limited roster



Say it together,

Depends on your roster

Wu Kong basics

Ways to use Wu Kong

Wu Kong is a straight-up game-changer a.nd anyone who feeds him away is crazy

Wu Kong came very late in my game. By that time I have already Miki and Ranvir. Now I even got Guardian Gazelle. When he finally came in tc20 I fed him away.

Wu Kong is the top for the poor players (f2p/c2p). Wu Kong of Locksley. He doesn’t want anything, and gives you an amazing score, sometimes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

He’s the best for titans.

But when you summoned him SG would put a advice message “Do not use against 12* titans or more. Wu would die suddenly”.

I used to think I would only need 1 Wu Kong. but after trying him out in the 4* hero challenge for Emblem quests, I am seriously considering keeping a 2nd Wu Kong for Ninja Tower and Mythic Titans.

Now I just have to pull another Wu… I fed away Wu dupes long ago :slight_smile:

i have two proteus, jijijiji

But …
When he misses all three tiles at the weak spot, it gets me agitated, when i explode a crystal and the entire screen lights up with Misses , it makes me want to throw my phone through the window.
Missing, dodging, evading are the most infuriating aspects of the game play.
I haven’t fed him to anyone else yet, but omg i keep coming close :smile:

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