Wukong and the missing

In your opinion is Wukong worth all the missing?

No, My wu kong is soon to become food for Joon.


Firstly, welcome back to the forum.

I still use Wu Kong hitting 14* titans. Only because I don’t have Miki or Tarlak or…

Yes he still misses but when he hits, magic.


Maybe if he buff reducing percenteage of missng.

As Wu is easily obtainable vs the other crazy attack buffers (miki, Tarlak, ranvir) then yeah, he’s definitely worth it, imo.


Don’t have Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir…I’m stuck with the Monkey. WuKong forever! :grin:


Any thoughts on Gazelle as a Wu replacement? Just pulled her.

Congrats, totally you have to swap Gazelle with wu. Shes much more versatile and she doesnt miss.


The thing is i have both wu kong and gazelle and with wu kong i get a lot better score with a good board, i use gazelle because of -50% damage so i can finish with my team alive, we have 11-12* titans.


See my post, gazelle is a beauty for titans, war , everything. Valhalla hard is so easy with her in your team and for offense if u charge her is pretty much over u lose only with a horible board. Good luck


Thx. Appreciate the insight from u Gazelle owners. Lower scores are going to be hard to swallow but the added survivability should be worth it. We are chaining 14* Titans and Wu @ +20 is still getting one shot.

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If you are at the stage of the game where you are building a bench of 4 *s (maybe a couple of 5 *s here and there), Wu is integral. During this stage, you can probably use him in war and he is an absolute game changer on Titans. On a good run, when he hits, he will give you 3,000± point hits per tile. On a fantastic run, 4,000+. When you use him on a 4-1 team of 5 *, he will bring 5,000+ hits. His hits more than make up for his misses. Understand when (and when not) to fire his special and you will benefit from him for a good long while.

If you are beyond this stage of the game, Wu may be more aggravating than helpful. Ranvir is the 5* version of him.


Wu helped me out a lot early on, before I pulled Miki.

Still use him occasionally (in yellow stacks, or on rare blue titans that reflect / instakill Miki). He does seem to miss more often than he used to, but that could just be my imagination.

Will agree with others, that in spite of his misses, when he does hit - he hits HARD. Hard enough to make you forgive him for his misses.

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With Mythic Titans around the corner, you will need more than one attack booster due to the “fatigue” debuff on attack/mana for using the same heroes repeatedly. Yes, Wu is still useful.

I pair Wu (1 emblem) with Wilbur (18 emblems) - Wu ONLY survives because of Wilbur when hitting 14* titans.

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IMO Wu is absolutely mandatory unless you have one of the rarer replacements. The misses are annoying, especially when they prevent you from getting a stun on the titan, but the attack buff is just too important to getting good titan hits.

Even outside of titans he can be very effective for hitting above your level in PvE events. Set up a good board with a diamond or two, abilities charged up before getting to the final boss stage. I typically fire other specials first before Wu, especially ones that I need to hit for debuffs like Def down. Then wu and pop the diamond and typically you’ll do substantial damage to the bosses. A little luck on a cascade or if used with a color stack and that color gem you can even take out a boss entirely even when you are bringing 4* heroes into a legendary event.


I don’t have miki tarlark etc wu definitely can cause headaches sometimes with the misses but I always fire specials of the rest of team before his on titans but stack with BT and or rigard costume its a huge tile bonus and have yet to break the 100k mark on a single titan hit but even on an 11* holy with my dark squad and him got an 81k hit just time it right and hope for the cascades and he can make the difference big time…live my wu

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Maths maths maths:


I am f2p so …

No Miki, no Tarlak, no Ranvir, no Gazelle, no Guardian def down anything, …

Yes, Wu is worth it. I also have Wilbur. Yes he misses 1/3 of the time but he boosts 2/3 hit. So overall, it is a plus (in the long run).


Wu’s usefulness comes in most handy on titans. Absolutely do not recommend putting him on a PvP defense team.

Generally he’s probably not an ideal choice for any kind of PvP. HOWEVER…

I was lucky enough to pull him from TC20 relatively early on in the game. Back then, I was still foolishly using a rainbow team for raiding (didn’t trust color stacking, because every time I tried it, I got bad boards)…

Thanks to Wu, I one time managed to successfully revenge raid a 4500 team with my 3500 rainbow attack team.

Keep in mind, that was only one time. But I was in a low raid tier at the time, and this cup dropping jerk who had raided me earlier was in diamond (I think I was down in low platinum). I got 59 trophies from that guy. Using a rainbow team! All thanks to Wu Kong and a good board.

Of course, since then, I’ve taken down a lot of higher teams without Wu, but using color stacking instead. That was just my first incredible victory over a massively overpowered opponent.

Using Wu in PvP is not unlike heavy color stacking in PvP. You roll the dice, and either you win big, or you lose big.

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