Wuhuu, level 50 and still only 10 diamonds

Please… Can’t you make it a little more worth putting hours and hours into leveling up?
Don’t get me wrong. A free diamond is still a free diamond, but I can get 10 gems over 2-3 days by watching adds. Leveling up takes weeks.
Why nok make it special when players reach certain level marks? Like 25, 30, 40, a bigger at 50, 55, 60, 65 and so on (it takes longer and longer to level up) .

So up to lvl 29 you get 10 diamonds pr level. At lvl 20 (and 25 and 30 and 40) you get 20 diamonds.
At lvl 31-49 (except lvl 40) you get 15 diamonds.
Lvl 50 is kind of a big deal, so 50 diamonds.
After that 20 diamond pr level, since every level takes forever.

To be honest I’m getting annoyed when leveling up. Those 10 diamonds… I feel I’m being mocked

Imho, the value in levelling up is the increased world energy and hero caps, and the chance to increase titan loot with the flag refills.

I’d love more free gems, but levelling up has other, more useful benefits.


We got diamonds for leveling? I never noticed. The benefits are what @Nathasja stated. Well one other thing is I lose less flags from sleeping more.


I know, I sound ungrateful, but 10 diamonds, 1 extra word energi and full flag on titan, raid and world energy. Raid enery is almost useless, since it takes a max flag and 2 hours more (perhaps a little more if you loose and certainly less, if you use the turnement to fill the raid chest)… It’s just … bleh.
And hero caps only comes rarely (which they should imho).

With 42 world flags you get full on world energy in 7 hours. It takes 6 hours for a raid flag and 12 hours for the titan. This means it it even faster to get those rewards than the 10 gems.

And one more flag for weeks of leveling up… It’s 10 minutes pr flag cyklus.

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Isn’t it the opposite of useless then? Make sure you use your raid flags, then level up. Boom. Full chest.

Same with world energy. Use it to the max with loot tix. Then refill and go again. Ideal for trials and rare quests.


50 levels of time, effort, energy, hopes, dreams…


Thank you for your patronidge …


Those salt “gems” aren’t going to mine themselves; but can I interest you 290 gems for 380% off? Only 99c!


Heh grats on 50 :slight_smile:

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Like @l2ider I didn’t realize we received gems either. I need to pay more attention.

The extra hero slots are the important benefit to me.

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I didn’t really notice the gems with level up either.

What I did notice was that just 1 month of VIP with 900 gems is the same gem count as finishing every single season 1 mission.

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If they change it I want my additional diamonds I did not get all the time…i am level 57…from dwarfs or SG…i don’t care but gimme :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: …THX!

No, it’s useless because of the turnement.
That gives you 25 out of the 40 enemies you need. So you only need 3 raid flag. You get one raid flag every hour til you have max 6 flag… That is way more than you need, when doing turnements.

So getting a full raid flag after weeks of trying to level up is… Bleh!

I’d like to decrease the titan reflag time by 1 minute per level.


I completely agree with the disappointment of the arguably meager rewards for hitting a milestone. I just hit level 50 this week and posted about my disappointment then as well. I understand other people’s point about team slots, workd energy etc but 50 is a milestone…do something special.

Actually if you use 6 raid flags and 2 tournament flags, you can fill almost 2 raid chests per day. I usualy split the tournament flags between 2 raid chests.

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