Wu wilber and proteus

i have all 3 of these heroes and hear good stuff on all of them. what i want to know is what is best way to use them . i know wu for titans . but i have heard that you should pair certain heroes together is what i am talking about

I only have Proteus among those 3.

He’s very versatile and can be used in most situations… especially Raids, Wars, and Challenge events / class quests. But he also has good tile damage (high attack), and if you don’t have many Purples he can still be used on the world map or against Titans, for example. Besides Proteus, my only other 4* and 5* Purples are Sabina, Aeron and Seshat, and I bring Proteus almost everywhere.

Fire him off against enemy bosses / heroes to stop them from gaining mana. Then you can either: hit them with on-color tiles (tiles of same color as heroes you bring) to kill them fast; or take the opportunity to get rid of useless, off-color tiles while the enemy can’t gain mana.

I usually use him with 1-2 other Purples, as I stack colors 3-2. Even on offense, put him in the corner so he’s less likely to get hit by special attacks that target 3 heroes. And his defense is kind of low, so best use him with a healer (I often stack Proteus + one of Sabina or Aeron; sometimes Seshat as my 2nd Purple, but then I use Kiril or Boldtusk).


I cleared S2-H with those 3 + Rigard (cleanse) and Melendor (dispel)
They work very well together but you have to be careful with the orders, as Wu’s gambler stance affects both Proteus and Wilbur skill. So with Wu active, they can miss, which is not what you want.
Personally, on the mob wave before the boss, i never use special to have them all ready for the boss, so Wu was never active on the first round of the boss.
Then fire Wilbur + Proteus + Wu.
If you managed to have a diamond, it is over for the boss!
For titan, Wu + Wilbur is a very good combo. Wilbur’s defense down helps do more damage and his spirit link helps with survival in higher star . Wu is probably the most important 4 for upgrading your titan score. Add 3 strong color against the titan color and you should have huge scores.
I bring 2 sorts of mana potions and if i sense the board to be good, i use mana on them both and then let the magic begin!
For raids and war, it depends on your bench and the defense you face. I tend to use them separately there, but it could work if needed.
Have fun


So generally speaking… Wu for the boost. Wilbur for the shared damage. Then three strong colors against titan. Preferably an elemental down that will stack with wilbur.

I don’t use either one for anything other than titans 98% of the time.

Recently with Tarlak having been featured plus the past two hotms Ranvir and Miki make Wu pretty much obsolete other than for use in 4* tournaments.

Vs Titans, best what @Math4lyfe advised, Wilbur + (Miki / Tarlak / Ranvir / Wu) and three strong vs the titan color.

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