Wu or Chao

So I already have Ranvir at 3.70, but I have 2 Li Xiu, one at 3.60, one maxed w/ 5 emblems. I want to boost my Holy team and didn’t know which would be the better one to get to 3.60 first.

If you have Ranvir then you don’t really need Wu. Both are yellow and both are mostly useful for titans but Ranvir has fast mana and is more viable. And you won’t bring both of them because their buffs don’t stack but rather overwrite each other.

Chao isn’t that bad. Fast sniper with mana cut is nice. He’s not the best yellow 4* in game but worth ascending if you don’t have better options like Jackal or Gretel.


As above.

Chao is versatile if a little underwhelming


Chao will be helpfull for sure but Wu-kong is good for epic levels in events.


Chao is mediocre, he is one of those heroes with no specific strength in his stats. Can be fixed with emblems but not the first choice for a ranger out of the 4*s (if you don’t have a better choice, then I recommend attack path for him). Still I agree that he’s not a terrible choice considering you already have Ranvir.

With Ranvir already, the best appeal of Wu Kong is having him for the epic tier of challenge events, where Ranvir isn’t allowed.


I maxed Chao before Wu when I was coming up because Wu felt so inconsistent, but with the benefit of hindsight I’d lean toward Wu, even with Ranvir in hand. With Wu/Ranvir’s buff tile damage or area of effect specials are a lot better than single target spells, and Wu brings way more to the table on the tile front.

Chao isn’t terrible, but he feels like the least impactful holy 4* outside of Danzaburo.

Personally, Chao. You already have Ranvir and Wu would imo see usage only on epic difficulty events. In my experience, if you have Proteus, Chao makes a good partner for him. And since Chao is fast, you can ghost 4 to 5 tiles and he’ll be charged up again.

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Chao. Wu isn’t as good for you because you already have Ranvir

I do have a Proteus at 3.60, so they would work well as a reserve team. Thanks!

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I’ll make the case for Wu:

  1. Wu in epic Challenge Events and Raid Tournaments can be huge. Ranvir is excluded.
  2. Bringing both Wu and Ranvir against a Dark titan is sound. Wu has a big attack stat, so even if you never fire his special, he’s helping. If Ranvir’s special drops, then cast Wu to fill in until Ranvir can fire again.

As @Kerridoc said, Wu Kong has much higher tile damage than Chao, so even if you don’t plan to use his special he is a better option for boosting your holy team.

If one were to emblem Wu, what path would be preferable? And yes i got Wu… but on alt #2

Defense/HP route always. Survival > damage