Wu Let the Dogs Out - active fun alliance now recruiting

Wu Let The Dogs Out

Players: 29/30

Experienced, fun, and helpful crew looking for a few more members. We straddle the line between casual and serious. We like to win but we know real life happens, so communication is key.

Smashing titans (13/14*) and using all war flags are top priorities. You should be at least lvl 50 with enough fully leveled and emblemmed heroes for war and be able to put together a defense of around 4800+.

We rotate war tank colors and run a basic strategy on weekends. Weekdays everyone can hit whenever they like. Line app highly recommended. Please look us up in game and give us a try if interested. Bring a friend if you like!


Been a member for little over a month now and I’m loving it. Funny, active players with a lot of game knowledge, laid back atmosphere and we get the job done.

Just what I was looking for!

And if you need any advice in real life, you are sure to get the worst here.

We are open, so just come check us out!


Well would you look at that, we are now a full 30/30.

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We made a field trip to the local amputation center. It’s a long story, but we lost a member.

Good news is, we have a spot for some homeless hobo looking for a place to call home!


We have only one spot open. If you want to join a relaxed yet organized and active alliance please come on over. We are doing mostly 14*s and should be able to endlessly chain them once we are full.

One spot open again. We don’t have a high turnover rate so this spot may not last. Come on over and give us a try!

A bit of an update, we lost a couple members to normal real life issues (One was mauled by chipmunks, the other was involved in a hot air balloon accident).

We now have 2 spots available, check us out and bring a friend if you want!

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Do you like puns? Do you love puns? Do you wake everyday hoping that this would be the day that you find a place with never ending supply of puns? Especially great (terrible) puns about Gnomes?

Well look no further, join us and get pun-ished!

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