Wu Kongs Attack Bonus doesn´t work on offense skills


I have to report this problem. When I have an active Wu-Kong (lets say, for titan fights), every hero has an improved attack stat. For example, lets say, Joon hast 1000 basic attack and +1600 (approximately) stats from Wu-Kong. Means, 2600 in total. But if I fire Joons special, he does only damage calculated to the 1000 attack and not to the 2600. Otherwise, nearly every opponent will be roasted from Joon, Lianna or other snipers.

But - Wu Kong says, Attack is improved, and chances to miss is also possible on special skill. So for me, special skill shold work in this and this way!

So What?!

No, it doesn’t work like that.

Joon special skill with Wu Kong buff will be 468%+185% = 653%. Joon with Wu Kong buff will do 653% damage for his special skill.


It doesn’t work like that, what you said here is Glenda/Qunell buff and its different from other attack buffs.

Wu-Kong buff buffs attack statistic and then damage is calculated on that increased statistic.

On topic, works fine for me. Because of how damage ia calculated don’t expect double/triple damage. Tested with Russel because he can’t miss.

No buff

With buff


Ok, I don’t want to go more deep detail about the damage calculation.

It is really 468%+185% = 653% but the damage isn’t really x(653/468) = x1.3953

But since you post the picture, so I will go for you.

Note : " variance = Floor[5% of average damage,1] " with minimum " variance = 1 "

Note (2) : This formula doesn’t work well with Elemental Def Down.

What is the Atk of your Russel and Def of the Gullinbursti (all with troop bonus) ?


I just checked it and you are right. I never really checked if my assumption about attack buffs was right but I thought it was. The way it works is weird for me personally.

It doesn’t change much in gameplay but its good to know how exactly it works, thanks for explanation.


In fact, this is pretty common in E&P logic. Many thing in E&P is weird in normal aspect.

Like the Ancient Koi can live on foggy land :rofl:.