Wu Kongs ability


Is is just me or is wu kongs -32% not correct? I use his ability and have noticed it’s more like 60% chance miss. On one attack I watched 9 consecutive misses then 1 gets thru then miss a few more. Am I the only one with this problem? Maybe need to look into this if I’m not.

Attack Arrows, Joon, Drake annnd

You’ll supposedly miss 1/3 times, which is also of course random…so you could also hit 3/3 or miss 3/3. Although there definitely seems to be more misses than hits.


I love that these two topics got posted within an hour of each other. One complaining that the miss chance seems too high, the other that it seems too low. The common denominator - true randomness causes longer streaks than people expect, and people tend to notice outliers that affect them negatively.


Yep, never happened. I always choose to take out WU first over the rest. When he is charged, it’s game over. Especially in raids, when he is activated, your opponent has like 90% hit ratio. Your team, on the other hand, has 30% hit ratio, especially single hitters. I stopped using him in raids.


Also against titans weak element has 100% hit and the color you want has 1% :wink:

I’ve watched how 5 tiles in a row were all missed. In several times that has happened to me.