Wu Kong , yes or not?

Lets say the player has a solid titan team with good tile damage , def down, atk boost (or bear banner) and elemental down . Is it mandatory to use wu kong for scoring better ?
Im trying to solve this question to economize a little bit the forge .

Wilbur , Falcon, Scarlett, Boldtusk, Lancelot / wu kong.

is it better another red or wu ?

Wu Kong obviously… triple damage - a third missed = double damage.


Wu supercharges the whole team’s tile damage. My average damage on titans went up 50% or more when I started using Wu. Add in Wilbur and it more than doubled.

Another red will add some to tile damage but doesn’t give the same damage boost to all the tiles that Wu does.

Yes he misses (some claim 80%) but I see on average miss 1 in 3. Been using Wu daily for a year and a half.


I agree with you , wu kong missing doesnt botter me because the damage is highly increased.
Id like to know if i can still do some important damage without him and save some mana pots and iron .

Because in a typical red stack i have to charge 3 . def down , red def down and kong plus bear banner

Short answer: yes.


But only if you don’t have better damage boosters like Ranvir, Gazelle, Tarlak or Miki.


Wu Kong YES

Only possible exception I can think of would be rare yellow titan that reflects yellow damage.

EDIT: Or as @Ultra pointed out, if you have other better boosters


so i ask you, how do you administrate your forge consuming? bear banner, mana pots, and in some high level titan tornadoes , time stop?.

sometimes i throw tiles to charge up my heroes but its wasted damage if not boosted

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I usually go heavy on mana pots. Antidotes if titan has attack that debuffs your team. Tornadoes are always good to carry, because the boards have a tendency to spread your best tiles far apart.


In my honest opinion, I would say yes, level Wu Kong, put emblems on him and take him to Titan battles.
He will and does improve your scores with the right board.


Don’t quite get what you really ask, but most players try not leaving the forge idly sitting by doing nothing. If we can, and as food, iron and crafting materials permit, we craft them healing potions, mana potions, arrows, axes, bombs, dragons, banners days, weeks or months before the event. And we do it daily, if the requirements are available. Tornadoes and Time Stops are best used against titans IMHO as I usually bring with me healing potions, 2-3 battle items with direct damage (dragon, bomb, axe and arrow) carpet bombing the bosses early on before firing my heroes’ skills which are ready to fire before I enter the boss stage and/or antidotes.

I fight Titans using only very limited items. I use small health, small mana, small antidote, and arrows.

With the right heroes, it’s all you need.

I use Wu Kong and Wilbur on every titan and have done so for a year and a half straight.

The other 3, are usually my 3 largest tile damage heroes of the strong colour.

Even though I have five maxed 5* reds, I use ZERO of them against green titans. My green titan team is Wu-Wilbur-Boldtusk-Falcon-Scarlett. I’ve scored 110,000 against 12* Titan with this team, using no more items than mentioned (small health, small mana, small antidote, arrows).

TL;DR. Use Wu, absolutely. Also, you don’t need fancy forge items.


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When I first read this, I was like :astonished:

But then I read



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You already have Boldtusk, you don’t need bear banners. Boldtusk and the bear banner would overwrite each other, and Boldy’s attack boost is better.

or are you asking for other colors/elements? (I only use bear banners when I stack Purple against Yellow Titans, because none of my Purples can really buff attack; and when I bring Yellow against Purple Titans, as Isarnia is my only off-color hero then).

I bring small and big mana potions (but usually only need the small), tornadoes, and harpoons. I drop the big mana potions for bear banners as described above.

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Been said above already but the answer is YES.

Some maths: