Wu kong talent grid

Is wu kong worth using emblems on the talent grid ??

I have him at level 18 with emblems. But that’s because he’s my only leveled up monk and I use him on every Titan.


Wu at +4
Wilbur at +7

Shared the emblems but from now on, Wilbur will have them, being more all-around

I had wilbur and tarlak this last atlantis… so no more emblems to wu… reseted him … now i have wilbur at 19 and the incoming will go to tarlak

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Wu is at 16 for me now. Will take him to 18.
Use him on every titan. The extra defense and health keeps him alive.

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Do you have Ranvir? If no then Wu is worth talenting, since he is very versatile and you’ll need him more buff to survive against stronger titans. But if you have Ranvir then probably no, especially if you have Wilbur.

HP/Def route. None for offense.

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