Wu Kong single hit in Atlantis special levels [explained]

I noticed today, while playing level 6 , stage 3 of the Atlantis levels, that the buff of Wu Kong no longer lasts the 5 hits listed in his description, but only 1.

As I collect yellow gems, and Wu Kong is loaded, I fire him, and the icon for the buff appears by my heroes.
However, as soon as I make 1 match, the buff dissappears. This only happens in de special stages though. Normal levels seem fine.

Could you look into this?

That’s part of the special stages, buffs only last for 1 turn.

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You need to read the description of the magic night levels (click on the multicolor lozenge). It’s all explained there and it is not a bug, but a feature.

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I did read the description. It says

“This fight takes place during a Magic night
The mana-charge of heroes is doubled, but normal damage is halved.”
(Translated from Dutch).

That’s all it says. Wu Kong’s description also is not changed, and still says 5 hits for the buff.

Link to the post: [KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - status effects disappear after 1 turn (description missing)


The Night effect of the stage allows all the special effects of your heros to last just one round.
Its not a bug or only effected your Wu Kong … its an all heroes effect. Its hiw the stage been programed.
Some thing intersting.

20 things.


“It’s not a bug… it’s a feature” makes me smile every time :smiley:

Yep. Thats’s missing from the Dutch translation:



There are so many translation errors in Dutch, that I have started to use English as default language… See for instance Proteus, which states dat all enemies receive damage, while in reality it is only the nearby enemies…
I emailed to smallgiantgames, but no actions taken.

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