Wu Kong/Ranvir miss rate now over 90% (Wu Kong/Ranvir Venting Thread)

I think that’s a common complaint. Players get a 80% miss rate, while the defender gets a 10%.

One of my recent raids, the defense had Wu Kong. Not only did his monk ability negate my Malosi attack. He fired and Isarnia and Telluria then fired in sequence. They all hit and I lost. I mean, it happens.

The thing with people saying you only “remember” the bad boards or misses etc… kinda think that’s bollocks really. :woman_shrugging:
If you look for a problem you will try and find one

Put Wu on the right of your team, and always fire left to right. That way you never screw that one up.

I already opened this one before, and many came to say it was normal, again the subject returns with the impression of several other players and nothing changes, they continue to question the numbers, why if that wasn’t really significant nobody would be opening topics, we all know the rate of errors but when that goes beyond the acceptable and bothers a large number of players it is plausible at least one evaluation, what is the justification for not evaluating a recurring problem? If someone is not having the problem, great but the opportunity for those who are suffering from it, to be heard.

Though I didn’t do the statistics, but I observed that I now suffer more than before when I use wu kong in Titan attack.

Not bug just cheap lame lie you say Wo Kong miss 32% but misses 2 from three 90% of the time calculated milion times simply poor cheap gross lie misses from 56% to 66%! Also your so called lying algorithm its fake been pulling over and over for years no single HOTM but friends who payed 20$ or more immediately HOTM board on their side always they win! I Needed to reach level 45 to get my first 5* hero friend who pays got three months in a row 5 HOTM hes level 12. But hey its about luck right not illegal embezzlement and this text will be erased cause inappropriate right not you being gross cheap illegal criminals?

It should probably be removed just because of how ridiculous it is

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This topic listing is nuts

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There are certainly days where it feels like Wu misses 90%+ of his hits. And I do poke fun at him for that.

On the other hand… most of the people I know who have scored 100k+ titan hits, did it using Wu. So there is that.

Overall, for titans at least, I think I prefer to Wu than to not Wu. Might get 2 really bad hits, but then one amazingly good one that will more than make up for it.

How long admins not payed enough and owners of this game will continue to poop over people nerves and care for those who only pay a lot and irritates with apparently fair algorithm the competitions will erase you before you blink you think you are the only one clowns do you have any idea how many other games are out there with 3D better graphics balance etc some people stayed cause made friends here also we know for fact you losed tons of players and you will keep losing so instead to irritate the ones who bring food on your table stfu and start fixing your bugs and change that greed lame algorithm playing years of years and i have 7 5* one dude payed some money lvl 17 15 5* heroes 4 HOTM i have none HOTM do you understand how gross that is start give some heroes from TC at least for those who deserves or soon you will have 0 players cause 1% rich paying pie holes wont be able to beat others cause others will be long gone!

Agree with your vent, but you posted it in the wrong topic.

For those who paying i am sure works great but if you are paying 2 or none in every important battle or Titan weak spot wo missing 4 from 5 2 from 3 or 3 from 3 definitely well at least 75% of the time percent its one big lie this whole game its embezzlement i understand you pay you have better heroes but 3 stars heroes to win 4 and 5 stars heroes because board is disaster or because someone paying 2 the other 30 or above its so disgusting! And of top of that keep provoking laughing on loyal players but something tells me not for long!

Right topic cause those embezzlement owners ignore this ones or erase them cause “inappropriate” you are good while paying after that lets go and f ourselves? Also really gross to watch people who started yesterday to have 9-10 hotm no matter from tavern or regularly to have all the Ninja’s or 5* kostum heroes me not single HOTM or kostum 5* playing with years really gross and untollerable!

Poop over people!?!?!

I have a love hate relationship with my drunk monkey. He boosts my tile damage a crazy amount - he makes me miss and no stun and die and miss my defense down specials…
But I think I’m going to max a second one because he was a good monkey for latter stages of ninja tower (until he got cursed) and he’ll be a useful monkey for mythic titans.
Anyone else thinking of doing the same? :laughing:

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As soon as i get enough darts to max Gazelle i will dump Ranvir. Its absolutely ridiculous that i can get better scores on blue titan with mono green without Ranvir than with 4 greens and Ranvir. Sometimes when i get really lucky with boards and fire off a huge cascade saying that this must be over 60-70k and see that its only 30 i wonder what is his purpose. I never actually had any awesome scores with him, only would be awesome scores if he hadnt missed 80% of the tiles.


Ranvir is so useless that if he wasn’t already blind, I’d poke him in the eye.

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Used to get some pretty monster hits on titans with Wu (80k plus). But IMO he definitely seems to have leveled off over the last few years. Still use him on titans but generally just get average to good hits now (anywhere from 20k to 60k). I still use him in raids, wars and events and this is where he is more useful these days. His glory days of titan hunting i think were nerfed by E and P somewhere along the line.

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I think if you feel you are being publicly mocked, you should flag the post. Some of us could do better I agree.

Will agree that he does seem to miss more than he used to.

However… I did use him recently, I believe it was in the emblem quest.

Hit the enemies before he was charged. Barely registered any damage.

Hit the enemies after he charged. First turn after charge, practically every hit was a miss.

Second turn, most of the tiles hit and absolutely destroyed them.

He might be a bit broken, but even a broken Wu hits sometimes.

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