Wu Kong/ Ranvir Miss decrease

Is it only me or after the update the miss rate when Wu or Ranvir is active in Titan Fights decreased? I’ve been playing over a year now, never seen Wu/Ranvir hit this much. At first I thought I was lucky for 1 game but each time I play it really seems that now only 1 out of 3 hits miss… (which I beleive wasn’t the case before even though it had %32 chance to miss it seemed that it missed much more…)

Are you writing it down (doing the same level say, 20 times, 100 times) to confirm the hit/miss ratio, or is this just a feeling? :slight_smile:

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Must be just you because my Wu still seems like he missed 66% of the time!!


Nope, just did a titan run (3flags), still 4 out of 6.
First 1 out of 3, second 3 out of 3 then kept on going the same. Will feed him away 1 of these days (Layla?).
Wilbur, Sonya, Kiril, Triton, Wu, was the team.
Have fun.

? i’m confused.

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I’ve seen 10 missed hits when I hit the diamond in the puzzle… Which has like 1/59000 probability… I’m sure you all are experienced players, no I don’t stop and count all the hits but I generally calculate as I play and for me after playing this long I can say for sure that miss chance is at least 55% :slight_smile: But ofcourse that is totally calculated by the algorithm of my mind :smiley:

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Ok guys thanks anyways, it seems I’ve been seeing things since there is no obvious difference on your side… my luck has increased after 1.5 years… I’ve been tossing tails for a long time so now it is turn to toss heads…


Good on ya it seems the misses are down! I don’t share that experience, Ranvir misses as much as always - it feels like (yes biased, I know) the miss rate is up to 70% for tiles and 75% for specials. No elemental debuffer will ever hit when horse dude is active. Curses.

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I don’t count, so it’s all my perspective (and suspect). If I want to be certain, I test and count. :wink:

Nope. My Wu Kong is still missing as much as usual.

In fact I had to scold him earlier after setting off a yellow diamond vs. purple titan and every single yellow tile missed. :confounded:

Still love the guy, but he really dropped the ball on that one.

I think Wu feels the competition of Miki. He is doing his best as he doesnt want to be removed from titan business :grinning:. It’s always healthy if somebody doesn’t have the monopoly for all titans. I ve benched mine since my Miki is 3.70 and I broke my personal record with first hit with Miki. Only dark titans are Wu’s special still.

Yes after some more plays my Ranvir and Wu’s ratios came back to normal :slight_smile: I was just lucky for a few games… sorry for the wrong alert :slight_smile:

It’s understandable. Some days I too get good luck and I think something must be broken… :laughing:

In the long term it is 1 in 3 misses. You tend to take note of the bunched misses and the bunched hits more and not the hit 2 in 3 or hit 2 in 4 that are the majority. So it seems like he misses a lot more because that’s what you remember.


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