Wu Kong Performance



I know this has been covered back in March, but there have been a few updates since then and wanted to know what people thought.

I have a WuKong and since the last update noticed that he seems to miss - a lot!

From the previous thread someone did ask whether the OP had recorded how many hits or misses, well - i havent :wink:, but something has happened which made me question whether there really has been a nerf…

a few days ago - i had 12 misses in a row. I put this down to incredibly bad luck… Except it has just happened again…

3 or 4 misses in a row is completely normal now and will happen in virtually every game (even though the probability of 4 misses is 1%). However, 12 misses in a row… really… twice… The probability of this is 0.00011%. These are statistically significant events that now seem to happen.

Am i expecting to believe that the 32% prob. of a miss still holds true??? Trouble is people spend money on this game… and it either looks like the 32% is now incorrect or the algorithm implementation is not quite giving the results the dev’s were trying to achieve.

Is this just me feeling whingey :smiley:


Unfortunately 0.00011 is still in the possible range.
Dont forget 1.5 - 2 million people play this game and you seem to have the bad luck to witness a far out outlier.

Do you count your hits in a row to ? :wink:


Wu kong is a gambler.
Using investation terms: “High risk for high gain”

Well… happy gambling bro :laughing:


In fairness I have noticed that when my heroes are hit with blindness ie drake, bane, Hu Tao or justice etc for a 32% chance to miss you’d expect some but I’ve had it where I’ve seen tiles fly down and do nothing then hit 3 specials to see all 3 miss and then further tiles do nothing, to the point I end up wiped out all because of a 32%chance to miss that seems closer to 100%


Yep and you see the other side of the coin when your supposedly blinded hero(s) hit with every tile and special. :smile: