Wu Kong or Wilbur?

I pulled both of them and was wondering which one to level first.

Same situation i level both
1* 2 * red and out of color for Wilbur
Yellow for Wu
Love but vote for wilbur

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I’m pretty sure you’ll get 100% of the votes for Wu to be leveled first.

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Welcome to empires and puzzles! You will want to work to build some heroes at their maximum first. I’d recommend focusing energy on 4* heroes to the maximum allowable by your inventory of Ascension materials. Wu Kong is invaluable for Titan damage so Max him with your yellow feeders while you work on the rest of your team. Tarlak will be great but it’s probably going to take some time for you to collect the items required to Max him

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I think it was Wilbur not tarlak

They are both awesome. Agree with yellow for Wu and everything else for Wilbur

Jealous of Wilbur , he is really interesting

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That’s a tough call, both of them are great heroes. I’d probably still start with Wu though.

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Thank you so much for all your feedbacks! Damn it’s tough huh. I already have Hansel, Boldtusk, Grimm and Tiburtus max levels. I guess since I need a yellow, Wu would be a better choice.

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I guess it’s a bit late response for you but maybe someone else will read. I have been using Wu Kong for couple months everywhere as my roster was limited. I pulled Wilbur a month ago and I am close enough to maxing him that I started taking him on raids in place of 3.70 Marjana.

Posting just to say that raiding with Wu Kong and Wilbur on the same team is THE ultimate experience in this game and it’s purely hilarious. I don’t know if it can be more fun than this.

I have them backed by Magni, Kasshrek and Tib. On my way to ascend Zeline in place of Kash (I have mats, just feeding now) and then need one of the purple healers (counting on Feb hotm).

Sending a huge combo with Wu + Wilbur active is just so stupidly satisfying. Definitely worth having both.


Thank you so much for you comment! I haven’t start on Wilbur yet but for sure will work on him now. Thank you!!

WuKung stack with Boldtusk Absolutely great together fighting titans

One more thing when you have Boldtusk WuKung is a no brainer use the small mana potions give 4 to WuKung and 4 to Boldtusk you start off with a +233 attack

Wu is going to be the better choice and it’s just a simple math comparison, he results in a higher damage output. I actually use both, as I don’t have more than 3 of any hero color strong enough to outweigh the benefits of using both, regardless of what color the titan is.

Another thing to consider is that no titan ability that I’ve seen will overwrite Wu’s buff. There are titans who will overwrite Wilbur’s debuff with a +def, negating his benefit somewhat.


Wu first Wilbur a close second, and they really are awesome together!

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Have both. And I agree always take both. The combo of them together is outstanding. I can finish legendary with no 5* by using the two of them together. With rigard for healing.

I keep a Tiburtus, Wu, and Wilbur on my team, almost always. If wilbur doesn’t go off in time for wu, tiburtus will to lower some defense. I will say that I leveled up Wu Kong first.