Wu Kong or Vivica?

Hi all, question of the day:

I have Wu @ 3.60 and just pulled Viv… do I use 4 of my 6 orbs to ascend Wu or hoard them for Viv’s progression? I already have Wu’s special maxed, but I know he’s an awesome hero… just trying to be smart with the mats, ya know?


Wu Kong will make you earn more materials by killing stronger titans, go with Wu Kong first, he need to be more resilient :slight_smile:


I agree with that.
Also keep in mind that Shiloh Desert quest should be in less than 2 weeks. And you can get another Orb in pirates legendary stage if you didn’t finish it already.
So it is possible that before you max Wu Kong you will have another set of Orbs ready and move to ascending Vivica.

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Thanks guys, that’s what I wanted to hear. Working through Pirates right now, not sure if I can take down Legendary though!

Wu, definitely. He may help you finish Pirates, too

give the monkey all the boost and then you can worry Vivi. Wu will be useful

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