Wu Kong or Ranvir on Titans?

Hey y’all.
I’ve been running Wu Kong and Boldtusk on every Titan attack. I change the other 3 heroes up, depending on the Titan color. I put out some pretty nice damages.

Anyways, my Wu Kong is maxed out, I just recently stripped him of his emblems and gave them to Joon. I finally got around to leveling up Ranvir.

It seems like an obvious choice to replace Wu Kong with Ranvir at this point? He’s at 3-70… I have the darts, actually need 2 orbs to ascend him again…

Wu Kong is like a glass cannon and I’d personally upgrade any hero that can do a similar or same job to him if their Def and HP is better

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Ahh yes.

Simple way to make a decision

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I wish I had a 5* titan specialist.

If your priority is something else eg raids you might ascend someone like Joon with those darts. Up to you!

Check this thread:


To keep all threads together, I’m going to close this one and recommend looking at the thread linked above for further discussion.


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