Wu Kong or Hu Tao + which purple hero?


Hi. I am thinking about if should I upgrade firstly Wu Kong or Hu Tao? And why?
My team: Boldstuck, Boril, Caedmon.
Which purple 4* hero should I use with them?


I have both leveled and wu kong 100% took my titan attacks from 15k to 30k… hu taos special can be easily replaced with arrows for blinding effect. Wu kong is beast and has faster mana


Okey but what can you tell me about his (wu kong) chance to miss?


Its not bad. Sounds worse than it is. Your special from other heros might miss but works out as a huge bonus. Like i said against titans it has doubled my hits. Works in world stages too im on level 23 and i mana boost him and nek minit my grimm drops their defence and they are getting melted


Think about it, you gain 185% of strenght (so almost triple the force of every hero) for a chance that 1 out of 3 hits miss the target.

Simple example:
base attack 10 x 3 hits = 30
Base attack 10 x Wu kong buff = 30 x 2 hits (because 1 hit miss the target) = 60

So out of three hits you double the damage, and this for every hero (so x5)

This is just really childish numbers, they differ for every situations and you have to take way what Hu Tao do on his own, but it gives you an idea on how much good Wu Kong is.


Wu Kong, 100%. Yes, he causes a chance to miss but man, when a group of tiles do hit they hit as hard as an attack hero’s super. This only gets even better if you cause a cascade of tiles. I have both leveled up and Hu Tao just sits on my defense team and that’s it.

For purple, I would shoot for Tiburtus so you have a defence debuffer. Then you’ll have all the pieces of a monster team.


When you use wu kong…and stack colors. You can hit for over 2000 per tile against a titan…

I’ve never hit over 20k before wukong…and in three rounds I hit for a total of 140k

Wu kong is the single biggest asset. I was stuck on the last 5 levels of the campaign…And brought in a 2nd asended wukong and just kept him alive…breezed through it.

I have leonidas, huo tau, the aeo 4star girl and the guy with the bird plus jackall.
I use wukong, jackall, leonidas in a stack against titans…If i had joon i’d stack 4 ytellows and grimm

I just got him last week…and it feels like my squad just got 2x strong…already got him to 4th ascension lvl 23. Could have ascended jackall or leonidas but went Wu
Sad thing is…I got him very early on (seond week of playing )and didn’t understand how to upgrade my characters and accidently fed him to bane…


I just upped my highest total 1 round damage to 80k
Against a 7*
Wukong, Leonidas, Jackall, Grimm, Azlar
3200 team power nobody fully maxed