Wu Kong... on Diamond Defense... A lot

Maybe it’s just because there are a lot of people raiding… or maybe it is cup-dropping on the down-low… but I’m seeing a lot more Wu Kong on defense, in Diamond than ever before…

Is this a mirage, am I crazy, is it weird RNG that brings these things to me?

I mean, yes I 100% trounce them every single time, but is there something I’m missing?


Yes actually have also faced a couple to today. And noticed it as normally they are very far apart.

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Same here. It’s good because that’s one hero I don’t have to focus on killing. That said, if his fire goes off it can cause a world of hurt. No difference than when you are using him on offense but I wonder why this is more common all of a sudden.


A puzzling one I just faced (read: destroyed mercilessly):

Player (presently 2427 cups)

Puss N Boots-Elena-Wu Kong-Hel-Ursena

uhh… ok? Unless dropping cups, I can’t understand it.

Also destroyed another one earlier today

(Presently 2498 cups)
Rigard +20 (C bonus but uncostumed) - Wu Kong +15 - Richard +20, Wilbur +10, Lianna +20

Now I understand that this particular player may not have greater heroes, but I could think that they may at least have a better 4* to put on defense…

People do funny things… like using Wu for defense… once I cup dropped a cup dropper :grin: He had a 3x 1/1 Aife defense around 2600 cups… I gave him about 45 cups just to take the screenshot :grin:


I sometimes find him, but just when I temporary fall from diamond. :man_shrugging:t4:

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I faced wu+20, JF+19, LotL+20, Obkan+20, Magni+20 with 2534 cups.

Wu makes most sense (if you HAVE TO) on left wing.

Tank/Flank? Tile sink and instantly crushed.


Yes, but still a bit odd and JF and LotL specials not benefiting.


I noted that too, and because of that I’ve been thinking in do the same for trying…
Recently I faced a team with 3 healing heroes, Elena and Wu Kong and it was very hard to beat it.

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I haven’t seen a Wu Kong on a defense team in like 2 years

Hmm, now that you mention it, I do seem to recall seeing Wu Kong a couple of times recently… I wonder what is behind the “Wu Kong Revival”?

Checking my raid log from today:




Given the lineup on some of these, they do seem to be cup-dropping. But why so many with Wu Kong in particular??

Good gaming!

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Cause if you wanna miss Wu Kong is the way to go.

May Wu is valuable to defence if pair with high level mana troopy and team with fast mana heroes for fast attacking ? Put him on left wing and a healer or defence buffing hero next to him to boost his survivability may also work ?

Thats like saying a drug “may help” but there are a litany of bad things that will probably happen instead.


Yes I know, because his special is a kind of gambling buffing. :laughing: Beside defence power, number of counterattack is also important when your defence team is being attacked, so Wu’s special may help on that, attack miss is terrible but +185% is really a good deal.

If we are to believe Wu’s number there’s no reason for not using him.

It’s not just a matter of average damage, that’s an argument for titans.
What changes drastically is that whereas a sniper might kill an attacker, a Wued sniper has a lot more chances to kill an attacker if (s)he hits.

I think we all get the difference between dealing a good amount of damage and taking an enemy out.
With Wu you get that result 2 times out of three (rounded down).

Also… I never really got into detail with the calculation of the effect Wu has on special skills, but several observations have shown the damage dealt increases by circa 50%.
That moves a lot of heroes into the sniper category, even heroes who target multiple enemies or whose skill is not just damage (or mainly or significantly damage).
Just to give an example Tiburtus (295%) goes at roughly 442% which is not far from the likes of Sartana (452%) or Lianna (512%) only it targets 3 heroes - if AI is decent - and takes away defense too. On average you should hit 2 of those heroes.

But truth is it gets even better with indiscriminate targeting (AoE).
Because at 68% probability to hit, if you are targeting 5 enemies you are expected to hit more than 3 48.75% of the times.
That means that with your AoE half the time you will be dealing 50% extra damage to 4 or 5 targets.
It’s easy to fall in considerations on average, but we must keep in mind that hp are a restraint: once they go to 0, things change a lot so “impulsive” damage does matter.
[Worth noting, Wued AoE on 5 enemies hits
3 or more 4 times out of 5
2 or more 96% of times]

Be careful… As I’ve said I didn’t consider damage calculation in detail: my numbers are based exclusively on final output.
That means it could be improper to consider a +50% on final output a +50% on the initial damage percentage but you get the idea.

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All i know is that Wu Kong is verifiably awful in diamond level and i crush him mercilessly. Mot a defense hero.

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